iReport – Russian Go Diamond, Turkey, October 7-14, 2012

What a great idea… gather up 1,000 or so Russian Platinums and above, travel to a resort town on the Turkish coast and spend a week learning, celebrating and enjoying the rewards of a strong and profitable Amway business with successful Network TwentyOne leaders from around the world. Oh, and the fireworks were very cool…

“It was 2008 year when Russian Platinum ABOs and above went to Turkey to have a beautiful Go Diamond seminar. After that great experience they decided to repeat their journey and on 7th October 2012 Russian Platinum ABOs invaded Kemer, Turkey and conquered this beautiful place as Network 21 family!

There were unbelievable 7 days of rest and learning at the same time! The Hotel “Limra Limak Resort” was a paradise for everybody!

We had a very intensive seminar program full of amazing stories, experience sharing and teaching. Hans Nusshold attracted all audiences with his mature and humble posture at the stage, all attendees listened his stories and teachings in a big attention. Katalina Lovas and Peter Mercz is a beautiful and friendly couple, they demonstrated a unique personal example, shared their experience, teach tolerance, determination and utter commitment to Network 21 training and Amway business.

Everybody was amazed by delightful Sean’s speeches! He told his touching success story, shared experience, rode the bike on stage trying to ride over “barries and obstacles” on his way even when one of them was Network 21 Russian country manager! He got to know how brave Russian women are!

Dream night passed as a single breath. We had a record number of recognitions here, beginning from new Platinum ABO and ending with one of the highest pins as Founder Executive Diamonds! Reception for New Qualifications made it possible for all new achievers to make pictures with their uplines and guest speaker. And the cherry on top was the amazing firework accompanied by soundtrack from Pirates of the Caribbean, pointing out once again that Russian Leaders are truly most courageous and adventurous people!

Our warmest congratulations and wishes for further success and growth!

We are grateful to all Leaders, guests of the seminars for their work. We are looking forward to meet you all at Go Diamond seminar next time!”

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