iReport – 1st WES for Baltic Republics, Tallinn, Estonia 12-14 October 2012

Anyone think the new Baltic Republics of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are slightly fired up to have their first Weekend Seminar and join the global family or Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway business owners? Impressive, inspirational and just cool… would have loved to hit that late night dancing Saturday night as I’ve been known to “bust a move” from time to time…

“WOW…It was The First WES in Baltic Republics and we almost put the house on fire!!!

Fantastic speakers from all over the Europe: Yulia and Evgeny Zoteev, Mats Holmberg, Else Bang, Susanna Hintikainen, Vyacheslav Petkevich and the most important guests: Hans and Eva Nusshold and last but not least, Leszek Krecielewski – Amway’s Eastern European Sales Director.

Exciting recognition that included the highest recognition in Baltic Republics, the first Diamonds from Estonia… Toivo and Anne Rande.

Amazing atmosphere and design. Network TwentyOne’s technicians showed high level of professionalism, designing venue the way that all audience could feel amazing. Additionally, there was a concert with a local star on Saturday evening, that made people dance long after midnight.

And finally a truly inspirational messages from Jim Dornan to local leaders what gave them new motivation. To quote from Jim’s video:

 “… and this is just the beginning of a long future, I believe, of successes and celebrations as you share with the people of the Baltics how great this business can be in their life, and how determined you are to lead by example, with your story and your courage and the principles that you have learned form your exposure, perhaps on CDs or from your upline or by attending seminars ….

… It is time now to have a great harvest locally and for you to turn around and reach out to other parts of Europe where the Amway opportunity remains available to you as well.”



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