iReport – Central European Regional Conference, 12-14 October,Debrecen – Hungary

Very exciting iReport from the Network TwentyOne Hungarian Events team … sounds like there were a lot of moving parts to this one with so many languages and videos flying all over the place from one country to another. Hats off (which we are all wearing in the Autumn as nature starts to go to sleep 😉 ) for the great job gang!

In autumn nature starts to go to sleep until new life begins in spring but this is not valid to the nature of Network TwentyOne! It was proven in lot of countries among others in Debrecen, Hungary. We showed the world that no matter what season we have, Network TwentyOne is alive and wakes up whoever is attending a Network TwentyOne function. At the Central European Regional Conference the venue was totally packed with attendees from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and Hungary. There were four Weekend Seminars at the same time, Baltic WES, German WES, Italian WES and our event. On Friday each country had sent a message to the other countries, on Saturday and Sunday morning it was shown for the audience (n21guy comments: click here to see that post and video). These messages showed that Network TwentyOne is an international system and how successfully it works in Europe, too. We had 5 recognitions on Saturday evening: 1 Emerald, Valentina Aftenii from Romania, 1 Founders Emerald, Costel & Desy Ciobanu from Romania, 1 Diamond, Tibor & Piroska Torma from Hungary and 1 Founder Diamond, Elena & Dragos Floroiu from Romania, and 1 Founder Executive Diamond, Irénke Némethné from Hungary. The Diamond. On Sunday we had a special recognition; new Founder Double Diamonds, Alois & Sissy Petra Szuchar from Austria had recognition in Germany that was made visible in Hungary on video messages. A wonderful moment was when Hans and Eva Nusshold appeared on the screens and sent special messages to the high pin recognized leaders. We had a fantastic Crown Ambassador Guest speaker from Australia, Peter Cox. With his dynamic personality, he gave unforgettable moments to the audience. He was very enthusiastic and blew up the venue. On Sunday Peter Cox closed the Seminar with an uplifting speech, and that added wings to the ABOs and proved that Network TwentyOne never sleeps!


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