Network TwentyOne Country Managers Representing 36 Markets Converge in Atlanta, GA- USA

Jim Dornan addressing the global management team

Being the kind of guy that gets the inside scoop on all things cool in Network TwentyOne, I was recently given the heads up about a very special meeting of the  global management team at Network TwentyOne’s global headquarters just outside of Atlanta, GA – USA. Managers from 25 countries representing 36 markets descended on Network TwentyOne’s headquarters for 5 days of updates, training, fellowship as well as the sharing of best practices from all over the world.

Saturday evening kicked things off with a causal reception where old friends reconnected. With the average employment term of over 12 years, most of the global management team has met many time before and for the new managers, new friendships were made.

Sunday was a day of relaxation and sport out on a popular lake north of Atlanta and then into meetings Monday through Wednesday. Topics covered included finance, marketing and promotion, global BSM development and compliance, events management best practices and new ideas, new technologies including digital CEP delivery and Channel-21, customer service, copyright rules and best practices, targeting ideas for Gen-Y and last but not least, social media practices (a personal fav. I got to sit in on).

In addition to the above, the global management team was treated to a great talk by David and Jules Dornan on Network TwentyOne from a Diamond’s perspective. But perhaps best of all was the special time shared with Jim Dornan as he gave updates on his health (which is great), discussed the history of Network TwentyOne and laid out an exciting vision for the future of Network TwentyOne as he an Nancy see it growing through current leadership, new leadership and as exciting, second generation leaders like David and Jules.

Needless to say a righteous time was had by all… the management team left with a greater sense of mission, purpose and a passion to support Network TwentyOne affiliated IBOs around the world. What else would you expect from a company dedicated to personal and professional development?

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