It’s Simple, Not Obvious by Jim Dornan

Ok people, here is some “insider” information that I am sure my peeps will be a little more than excited to hear about.  Launching this September at Network TwentyOne’s North American Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia is the latest book by Jim Dornan. In this book, Jim writes about his experience in building one of the world’s most successful Amway businesses and why he believes this business opportunity offers so much potential for so many people.  The English version of this book will be available in English speaking markets later this year with the translated versions appearing early in 2013. I have read it and I was blown away at the depth and breadth of this book… what a great way to help convey the key principles of building a successful Amway business from the perspective of one the best!  Rather than ramble on about the book, simply read the chapter titles below and the short excerpt… then sit tight and be ready for It’s Simple, Not Obvious to hit your market.

Excerpt from the Introduction of It’s Simple, Not Obvious by Jim Dornan:

My wife Nancy and I have an expression: “This business is simple, not obvious!”  There are many hidden features and benefits that reap huge “rewards,” although sometimes they may not look like it on the surface. There are also some misconceptions and mistakes that derail a large segment of those who could have reaped the rewards—if only for a little better coaching, or a lot more faith, or persistence in a new way of thinking. Yes, there are “secrets”—reasons why some make it and others don’t—but they are not really secrets at all. I share many truths and thoughts in this book from my life and business experiences as well as from observing tens of thousands of people over four decades. Many of my biggest lessons and strongest beliefs have been a result of my failures and mistakes. It is my hope that by my sharing these with you, you will be able to avoid these same mistakes in your own life.



Chapter 1   –  What is this business all about…really?
                         Ten Features and Benefits

Chapter 2   –  What do I need to “un-learn?”
                         Nine Misconceptions

Chapter 3   –  What should I beware of?
                         Eight Enemies

Chapter 4   –  What should I NOT do?
                         Seven Mistakes

Chapter 5   –  What should I focus on?
                         Six Habits

Chapter 6   –  What makes the most difference for my success?
                         Five Multipliers

Chapter 7   –  What makes a good leader?
                         Four Levels of Leadership

Chapter 8   –  What am I missing?
                         Three Foundations

Chapter 9   –  What best advice would you offer me?
                         Two Reminders

Chapter 10 – What is the catch?
                         One Decision!

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