It’s Simple, Not Obvious by Jim Dornan

Ok people, here is some “insider” information that I am sure my peeps will be a little more than excited to hear about. Launching this September at Network TwentyOne’s North American Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia is the latest book by Jim Dornan. In this book, Jim writes about his experience in building one of the world’s most successful Amway businesses and why he believes this business opportunity offers so much potential for so many people. The English version of this book will be available in English speaking markets later this year with the translated versions appearing early in

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iReport – Weekend Seminar Summer Surge, Russia 2012

OK, so here’s the deal … Russia is such a big country that posting an individual iReport for each event were getting a little ridiculous. So from now on we’ll do them in big chucks, or “surges” as the Russians refer to them … kind of sounds like a military campaign but whatever. 😉

To say that the Russians have a knack for “flowery” speech is perhaps an understatement … Therefore I bring you a bouquet of iReports from the passionate staff of Network TwentyOne Russia!

“WES in St. Petersburg June 22 – 24 started the summer surge of weekend

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Turkish Summer WES, July 2012

What an inspiring event at the hot Ankara weekend! We had our summer Weekend Seminar in Ankara after four years, and we recognized another new saphires and emerald again. That was a real concidence that this time the new emerald was the previous sapphires. We hope to see the same at our next event in Ankara. Alois Szuchar attracted all audiences with his mature and humble posture at the stage, all attendees listened his stories and teachings in a big attention. The presentations by local leaders also added value to this event, and the recognitions, particularly Apprentice Emeralds and 40+

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