iReport – Weekend Seminar in Athens, Greece – November 2011

An  “oasis of positive thinking and belief” in Greece these days… how can it be? Must be another Network TwentyOne Seminar!

“An amazing WES that touched all the Hellenic hearts, gave us back our smile and our hope that beside all difficulties our country face,we all stand together and we all won!!!

We lived so special moments with such an amazing couple as Andrea Wolf & Imre Serdult who shared their unbelievable story and their perception of building the business in a country with serious economical crisis! They touched the hearts of all the participants by being so simple. Hard workers, grateful and most importantly … actively building the business!

We believe that it was the WES that our leadership made such a great job by sharing an ungrudgingly inspiration!!! The audience lived unique moments as their well prepared and updated speeches were one better than the other and they harmonically was banding to the puzzle.

A wonderful video from our next guest speakers and of course the big surprise … the video from Jim Dornan with his special message to the Hellenic people made also this WES a unique one! The whole sport hall was in complete quietness. Nobody moved, nobody even breath, they all listen to Jim’s message!!!

A big “thank you” to all the participants either they were in audience or in a video, as MCs, as speakers … because each participant made this event extraordinary!

In an huge desert of negativeness, lies and hopelessness, an oasis of positive thinking and belief… we all won!!!”

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