Thinking Outside of the Box… The Evolution of Technology with Network TwentyOne

OK, if you have spent any time reading through my blog  you already know I am an outside of the box kind of thinker… sassy, unconventional and always looking at new ways to improve on things throughout the world of Network TwentyOne. What makes this kind of fun is that, well… I know people. Smart people, important people and I from time to time I get the chance to share my ideas with them… and occasionally they are even interested. Best of all, in these conversations, I learn what those smart Network TwentyOne people are up to around the world 😉 .

One of the bigger ideas that has just launched recently in North America is the ability to subscribe to Network TwentyOne’s monthly Continuing Education Program (CEP) digitally and receive your monthly “CDs” to your computer, smartphone and/or tablet. And because this version of CEP is licensed to the IBO-ship/ABO-ship, both you and your spouse or partner can have the CEP subscription on all of your devices so you’ll always have your monthly training, education and motivation close at hand. Additionally there is a small discount on the digital version and there is no delay or cost for shipping physical CDs… green and cool but that’s just how I roll. This technology is rock solid, tested and Network TwentyOne has invested big time in building a global platform to enable this form of distribution around the world. But wait, there’s more …  several countries will be implementing digital CEP later this year with most others coming on board in 2013.

In tandem with digital CEP will be the release of a subscription based online digital streaming library of Network TwentyOne content designed specifically for each individual market. More than a simple video site like YouTube, this site will be specifically for Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway IBOs and ABOs and in fact serve as a streaming media based communication portal designed to deliver streaming versions of current media like CDs and DVDs already available in your markets as well as messages based on your country of business, pin level and even line of sponsorship. Network TwentyOne has been working on this project for a few years and now it is ready for prime time and will be rolled out market by market when digital CEP is implemented. Imagine having access to LOS messaging, prospecting videos, Amway product promotional and training videos and more from your computer, smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world where you can access the internet … Indeed!

There are a few more even more advanced projects still in the early development stage but here is a hint, they also center around delivering Network TwentyOne’s world class training, motivation and support to IBOs/ABOs where they need it… in a word MOBILE.

Comments or feedback? As always I’d love to hear from you on your take on these technology shenanigans that Network TwentyOne is up to… just click here to comment.


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