iReport – Go Diamond Asia Pacific 2012

Ok, have you heard the joke about nine guys from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Phillipines, Thailand, India, Korea and Vietnam? Yeah, me neither but I did hear about an amazing Go Diamond Leadership seminar held earlier this year in Putrajaya, Malaysia with attendees from these nine countries. Bob Andrews and Peter Cox on the same stage … Amazing Stuff!

“For the Asia Pacific region, this year’s Go Diamond 2012 was held in Putrajaya, Malaysia. We utilized the Marriot Hotel and hosted participants from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Phillipines, Thailand, India, Korea and Vietnam. They were as enthusiastic as ever, running from the buses as soon as they arrived, right to the entrance to queue. The energy they brought with them was just infectious. It’s just great to see leaders who are just so passionate and full of energy. It lifted everyone… including us.

Apart from the participants, we were blessed with a fantastic line up of guest speakers. Crown Bob Andrews was at his inspirational best. His wit certainly had everyone in stitches but it was his teaching which left the most lasting impression. Peter Cox, Gad and Melissa Ghabrial as well as Ronnie Kagan was also here. Peter’s presence itself lifted everyone. He was as charismatic as ever and was able to get everyone focused with his teaching. Mats Holmberg spiced up the event with his high energy and certainly got everyone smiling, laughing and passionate about the business. It was a all star line up and all of them certainly made the program – as Renee Merris, Network TwentyOne VP Business Development,  puts it “Magical!”.

The opening act was a traditional dance performed by two lions. It was entertaining and it was fitting that they unfurled the welcome banner at the end of their show to tremendous ovation. The highlight of the program was certainly Jim Dornan’s personalized message to all the participants. We played his message on the big screen and all were extremely touched by Jim’s message and the sight of him looking so well.

In closing, thank you to all the special guest speakers and leaders who made this Go Diamond such a special event. And of course the Network TwentyOne team from the Asia Pacific region.”

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