iReport – 50th WES in Antalya, Turkey on November 18-20

Too cool, 50 Weekend Seminars in Turkey over the last 16 years. An exciting market with a great foundation of leadership and support make for an rich future for the Turkish market… and who better to be there for the 50th Seminar than Louie!

“Unbelievable event and unbelievable excitement at the 50th Turkish WES in Antalya! All ABOs were ready for such a special event, but guest speaker Louie Carrillo from the USA also added additional motivation and inspiration to this event with his presentation and his gesture on the stage. The live music after a decade on Saturday evening and the nostalgic video turned Saturday evening as a real Dream Night.

We recognized new 40+ VIPs and also Apprentice Emeralds first time at this event besides 20+ VIPs, and we believe it opened a new window for our leaders until our next event.

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