iReport – WES, Veszprém, Hungary, 14-16 October 2011

“In 2011 the autumn WES in Hungary was held in the beautiful small Town of Veszprém, from 14th till 16th of October. It was a local Weekend Seminar, and we had there approximately 2300 ABOs. This is the third time that we use that venue, and people really like the place because of its warm atmosphere.

Our guest speakers were the fantastic couple, Robert and Sonja Angkasa, Crowns from Indonesia. This was the secind time that they traveled from far away to Hungary to teach, and we are very thankful for them that they shared their stories with us. They are wonderfully entertaining speakers, Sonja even sang a song for the audience, so they had exeptionally memorable moments. Their great speeches inspired the IBOs.
We had entertaining programs, a rock music group before the Saturday evening session, where people got the chance to dance. And a dance group at the beginning of the session. Their production was traditional Irish tap dance with great success.

In the program we had great local speakers like János Demeter, Founder Executive Diamond, who came to us from the US where he lives now, to teach and inspire. He made a great impression on the ABOs. Also we had Irénke Németh, Executive Diamond, who’s speeches are always very emotional, and touches the hearts of the people. Andrea Wolf and Imre Serdült, Executive Diamonds gave instructive speech with lots of professional details. Péter Oláh and Kata Makai, Zita Orosz and Zoltán Túri, Mária dr. Süli, Zoltán Helényi, Katalin Lovas and Peter Mercz, Márton and Erika Kajtár, Diamonds brought us their visions as they spoke about various themes.

See you in February at our next local WES!”

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