iReport – WES October 2011, Bucharest, Romania

OK so what’s the deal with October and November 2011 iReports in March of 2012? Well n21guy has been a little busy lately and I managed to have a bunch of “n21 sunshine” pile up in my in box. So over the next week or so, get ready for a flurry of iReports from Network TwentyOne around the world.

“With guest speakers Janos & Rachel Demeter – Founders Executive Diamond from Hungary and USA; Maja & Jarzi Zupet – Diamonds from Slovenia…it was cold outside but there was heat in the hearts of our Guest and local Speakers that fired up the whole audience.

Here are the combined elements which made it a “world class event”: Maja lives a fairytale and she generously shared it with passion, you could feel the energy invading and making you believe that “you are the magic”; her sweet mom Jarzi spoke in English – which she started to learn in her late 60’s – how cool is that! Outstanding teaching and perspective from Janos who drew the modern approach and future lines of the business.  And Rachel… elegance, style and inspiration, reminding us all the important things in life and underlining the chance to be great “givers” through Network of Caring.

On top of that, we were happy to see the young generation shining! Young ABOs recognized on stage at new levels brightened the venue with their fresh spirit and smiling faces.”


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