iReport from Budapest, Hungary – What Unity, Goodwill, Generousity Can Achive!

Of course the pursuit of one’s financial dreams is central to everyone’s desire to build their business and achieve more… but how cool is it when one’s business aspirations intersect with one’s desire to help others and give back. Jim and Nancy Dornan founded Network of Caring over a decade ago for just that purpose… to give Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway ABOs around the world an opportunity to give back and help those in need. Cool stuff indeed!

Below is an iReport from Network TwentyOne Hungary’s Country Manager, Barbara Nagy who was instrumental in helping to orchestrate the coordination of Network TwentyOne’s business partners and the Red Cross to make a real difference at a time of real need. Take it away Barbie…

“Do you remember the iReport about the tragedy that happened in Hungary in the afternoon of October the 4th ,2010? Toxic sludge from a factory flooded across 4 villages destroying more than 300 families’ homes.

This tragedy united Network TwenytOne, Network of Caring and the International Red Cross in a Business Seminar in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. A huge amount of clothing and food donations were collected at the entrance and over $8,000 USD in cash donations were given by Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway business owners.

On behalf of all those who were in need I would like to say a special thank you to everyone involved! I am more than happy to inform all of you that because of the awareness that came from the unity of all who felt the need to help –last week the Hungarian Government has given out 109 brand new houses to the victims of this disaster families.

I and my entire staff feel blessed to be a part of Network TwentyOne and that we were given the opportunity to work hand with our business partners to be a part of helping others!”


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