iReport from WES in Brno, Czech Republic – October 7-9,2011

For those of you not in “the know”, you pronounce Brno just like “you know” with a “B”. I’m wondering of those blue lasers have anything to do with the new translation transmission system they mention below … if so I am very impressed.  😉

Regardless, another stellar event with amazing speakers brought to you by another portion of the world class Network TwentyOne European team! Nice work!!

“October 7-9th, 2011 was the time for a weekend seminar in Brno, Czech Republic for Polish, Czech and Slovak with some groups from the new market of Lithuania attending.

We had amazing guest speakers Double Diamond from Austria Alois Szuchar and Triple Diamond from New Zealand Tony Henderson. These two speakers were a super mix of the knowledge, teaching and fun. Besides them there was a lot of local “superstars”: Izabela and Marek Bujwicki, Les and Mira Hetnal and Darek and Katarzyna Swiatkowski from Poland as well as Andrea Wolf and Imre Serdült from Hungary.

We used for the first time a new technology for the the translation transmission and it worked very well…this is definitively a step forward and the right direction. The attendance strong and the atmosphere of this seminar was very friendly, warm, professional and exciting.”

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