iReport – Weekend Seminar in Athens, Greece – June 2011

OK, so I’m posting a June iReport in October … what can I say? Good thing I work for free or someone might threaten to cut my pay! A great country in tough economic times showing the world that there is success and achievement in even the toughest situations … that’s what the Amway opportunity is all about. Props to my Hellenic (I love to say that word) friends for all you have achieved!

“It’s very easy to describe a WES with Angie Somers and Carl Nilsson! The only thing that needs, is just to say the names and everyone can understand exactly what we lived because of a classy couple as Angie & Carl.

They managed to be on top of a WES and everyone could understand that it was place to be.
A strong woman with a heart of a leader and the squareness and the experience of a Triple Diamond managed as it was predictable, to affect everyone!!! Five valuable speeches from Angie teaching Simpleness, Unity, Teamwork, Leadership and Success and Carl being straight with his feelings about his daughters and Angie, showing that he is hard worker and supportive by living next to a such a successful woman. His story  was enthusiastically received by the fathers of the audience. Cal gave the idea of how a business can be build higher if a couple is balanced.

Our local Hellenic speakers made for ones again an amazing work!!! Each speaker placed one more piece on this wonderful puzzle and finally we succeed to give the big picture of this bussiness to the people that had been there for first time and to the ABOs that took straight to continue!!! Eight wonderful speeches with motivations, momentum, perspectives, dreams, goals and conclusions!!!”

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