iReport from Go Diamond Asia Pacific 2011 – Pattaya, Thailand

OK, so better late than never right? Here is an iReport from the Asia-Pacific Go Diamond that was in Thailand last June. Attending countries included India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Philippines and Taiwan … yowser that sounds like some serious translation huh? Also sounds like some serious good times were had and fantastic teaching went on down there is Pattaya!

What an incredible event that was so packed of joy! The unforgettable event where leadership from around the globe came together for lifestyle, inspiration, recognition and in-depth training in the resort town of Pattaya,Thailand… one of the top tourist destinations in Asia! To top of the excitement, we had top notch speakers such as Mitch and Deidre Sala, Peter Cox, Robert & Sonja Angkasa, Angie Somers, Amgad Ghabrial, Basil & Leonie and Mike Wilson.

Everyone was so full of great spirits, joy and unbelievable excitement in the room. What a sensational place to be?

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