iReport – WES in St. Petersburg June 24-26, 2011

Yowser! This sounds like 5 seminars packed into 1!

“Persistence, stamina, pursuit of goals and happiness. These are the key features of our seminar in St. Petersburg. How can one imagine the illustration of such vital things of one person’s life? Well, the leaders on the seminar gave way to their imagination to let the audience understand these values pretty well. Founders Crown Ambassador Vera Arkhipova showed the essence of the business as team-work. She invited some people to the stage, gave them a green thread to hold on to, held it herself and illustrated how those people should follow her making a strong team all together, moving forward side by side, answering questions, solving problems as a team, not everyone on his own. This is the way to build a business! Guest speaker and EDC from Malaysia, Simon Thompson accompanied his speech on a dream night with jogging on a treadmill right on the stage! Not only did he do it on the stage. He won the Nutrilite marathon that took place on Sunday morning and involved most of Diamonds and above. Keep going! Be persistent! All these principles were communicated from the podium decorated with a huge sun (although I’d better say a huge ball that did resemble the sun). A new galaxy, a new reality, a new hope, a new power to achieve the goals! Astonishing and awesome was it!”

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