iReport from WES in Novosibirsk, Russia – June 3-5, 2011

I am imagining deer and rabbits hopping through the crowd … love the creativity those Russian Network TwentyOne events ladies display!

“Grassy meadows, sunny rays, puffy clouds. Would you suppose that these marvels could only be found in the lap of nature? No way! Network 21 arranges a warm Siberian welcome on the threshold of upcoming summer. Can you imagine a giant dandelion overshadowing you with the help of astonishing high-tech stage lighting? That’s right! This is the stage in Novosibirsk that I am describing. An unsurpassed impression of warmth, joy and high hopes filled every single visitor. Tony Henderson, the main guest speaker, added to the inspiration of the audience. Splendid emotions communicated in a very special way made both old buddies and newbies experience a complete palette of feelings. Siberia – a distant, yet spirit-stirring place. Welcome back in autumn!”

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