iReport – Summer WES in Kiev, Ukraine July 8-10, 2011

Wish I could have been there, Alois Szuchar is one of my favorite speakers! I heard this was an awesome event … congrats to Anatoliy & Natalia for achieving Diamond!

“The summer is a beautiful season when everything seems so bright, light and easy… easy to move, easy to travel, easy to take a decision and attend Weekend Seminar in Kiev which took place in the Sport Palace located in the very heart of our capital.
It was very pleasant to come back to this venue after renovation. Its large territory opened a friendly embrace for our ABOs and made everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. The rest of the work was brilliantly done by amazing guest speaker: our old friend Double Diamond from Austria Alois Szuchar. We love his unique approach, teaching and ability to share experience and wisdom with us.
Our audience was highly motivated and fire up by the incredible Diamonds from Slovenia Jarsi & Maja Zupet. It was a great business building example from the leaders who live in a country with population less than in one Ukrainian city – Kiev.
The WES peak came for Saturday eve: new Emerals recognition as well as new Diamond recognition…with their 5 wonderful kids. It was a special day and unforgettable recognition for all of us and for new Diamonds  Anatoliy & Natalia Belous. Our warm congratulations! We wishing you a happiness and prosperity for your business and your great family.”

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