iReport – Nutrilite Miles Marathon – WES in St. Petersburg, 26/6/11

I am getting tired just reading this… I would have participated but I only have no body or legs 😉 I love the fact that Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway ABOs have such a balanced approach to building their business, helping others and living a healthy lifestyle.

“Think globally. Run ‘city-ly’. Health is not a mere word. Neither is it just a motto. It is a value promoted by a great many people. It was proved during a city marathon in St. Petersburg ‘Nightless nights’, a part of which was the Amway marathon ‘Nutrilite Miles’. The most united of all, ABOs team got a chance to register for this marathon right in the venue of the WES (how comfortable is that!). Not only did they write down their names in the list of runners. They bought team wear, e.g. t-shirts, baseball caps, etc. The money was given to charity. Where there is a sound body there must be a sound mind. There must be a desire to help those around you and a desire to win. Mission possible! The Nutrilite team won the first prize and proved itself to be the healthiest one!”

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