iReport – Central European Regional Conferene, Debrecen, Hungary, 17-19 June, 2011

Ok, I was actually at this event and it truly rocked! In addition to the amazing speakers and environment, I managed to get some rollor blading in during my off time … Debrecen is a pretty cool town to skate! Hats off to the amazing leadership of Central Europe as well as the world class Network TwentyOne staff for making this such a memorable event.

“What a unique feeling it is to realize that the second largest city of Hungary is full with Network TwentyOne ABOs from Czech Republic, Croatia Slovak, Slovenia,Romania and the host country Hungary …. This outstanding experience was given to us by almost 7,000 people who attended the Regional Conference in Debrecen. We had the great pleasure together with 114 Emeralds and 29 Diamonds and above to welcome the fantastic Guest Speakers, from Russia, Executive Diamonds Evgeny & Julia Zoteevy and from Australia, Triple Diamond Angie Somers & her husband Carl Nilsson.They created an incredible atmosphere and shared their experiences, taught and motivated and gave momentum to the enthusiastic audience.This huge event inspired and empowered the leaders to have a lot of energy to work during the summer.”



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