Shout Out – More Amazing Leadership in the Ukraine!

A special shout out to Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway Crowns Igor and Valeriya Kharatin for their dedication to supporting Ukrainian children’s sports development. Through their charity “Kharatin Family Fund” and in coordination with the Ukranian Children’s Football (soccer for you Americans) Club, Igor and Valeriya we able to organize and obtain Amway/Nutrilite sponsorship for the 5th Annual International Children Football tournament  held in Mukachevo, Ukraine.

In the five years the tournament has run, several thousand children from throughout Eastern Europe have participated. In 2011 over 60 teams participated, 1200 young football players, from the ages of  9 to 14 year old.

This is the biggest Children football event in the Ukraine. It is at this event that new talents are being discovered, some of whom are further growing into future sport stars. As Igor says, “Investing in our youth is an honor. We have so much to be thankful for and simply want to share our blessings with the next generations, and what better way than to help them to engage in team sports to strengthen their bodies, confidence and souls.”

Just one more example of how great things happen anywhere in the world when you mix Amway Opportunity and Network TwentyOne Leadership.

Props to Amway Ukraine for stepping up and sponsoring the event and right on Igor and Valeriya for taking the initiative… keep up the great work!



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