News Flash!!! New Contest To Name John Maxwell and Jim Dornan’s New Book!

Ok, how cool is this. Some of you may have heard that world renowned author, Dr. John C. Maxwell has teamed up once again with our very own Jim Dornan (world renowned author in his own right) to bring us another book designed specifically for you! You may remember, John and Jim jointly authored Becoming a Person of Influence back in the late 90’s and they have joined forces once more to bring you an in depth look at how to reach your potential in life. Who better to teach this topic than two of the world’s premier speakers/teachers/mentors on leadership and personal development, John Maxwell and Jim Dornan?

Throughout this book it is clear that John and Jim are drawing from vast pools of experience; John from the corporate world of leadership training and Jim from the perspective of one of Amway’s top business leaders and founder of Network TwentyOne.

How do I know all of this? Well let’s just say I’m pretty tight with JM & JD and well… we talk … yeah, I’m kind of a big deal. Anyway, they asked me to take a perusal of their latest collaboration. Cool huh? Long story short, because we talk and because I’m known as a pretty savvy social networker, they asked me how I thought we could get the buzz started around the world on this new book. That got my gears turning and here’s what I came up with.

Come up with your best title for John and Jim’s new book and submit it to me here in the comments section to this post, via Twitter, Facebook or even smoke signals if you like. If your title is selected to be used, I’ll float a pair of tickets to any Network TwentyOne major Seminar anywhere in the world as well as a copy of the new book signed by both John Maxwell and Jim Dornan. We have a few working titles already and our editors are still coming up with new ideas, but I thought who better to help develop the title than the intended audience. You guys know John and Jim and you’ve read their previous books so you already have a head start … and just to make it a little easier for you all, here are the titles of the 10 chapters in their new book:

Chapter 1 – Starting – the First Step Toward Success
Chapter 2 – Discover the Difference Between Ordinary and Extraordinary
Chapter 3 – Intentionally Invest in Yourself and Grow Every Day
Chapter 4 – Face Your Fears and Fix Them
Chapter 5 – Choose Your Friends Wisely
Chapter 6 – Make Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset
Chapter 7 – Embrace Discipline as a Friend
Chapter 8 – Do What You Love and Love What You Do
Chapter 9 – Think Your Way to the Top
Chapter 10 – Establish Values that Will be a Foundation For Your Life

Got it? Good! Now spread the word and get me your submissions right away… I understand the book goes to print in the next month so no time to spare folks!

96 comments to News Flash!!! New Contest To Name John Maxwell and Jim Dornan’s New Book!

  • Bobby Kurell

    I really look forward to this new book.

    I think it should be called:
    The Making Of A Man – subtitle: the best of you

    Bobby Kurell
    from Denmark

    • Shal Tharumalingam

      Here are a few suggestions for the title of what I believe will be an AWESOME book, thanks to John & Jim:-

      1. 10 Steps to Achieve Your Quest to Success
      2. Succeed and Stay Successful
      3. Eternal Success
      4. Footsteps in the Sand to Success: A Guide to Achieve Your Quest to Success
      5. Success is an Inside Job
      6. Create an EXTRAORDINARY Life

  • Nixon and Camela Guzman

    title suggestion for the book,

  • Vinay Gupta


    Few titles that came into my mind are:
    1. Inside OUT! Fixing IN is Growing OUT.
    2. Inside OUT! Fixing IN and Growing OUT.
    3. Get YOU and Draw the line.
    4. Drive towards SELF!
    5. As YOU Wish…

    Wishing JM and JD all the very best for their book! 🙂

  • Piyush Mathur


  • Crystal Grafer

    Title: Blueprint to Success

  • Sanjay Upadhyaya

    Suggested titles: 1. Build your own pillers of success
    2. Success mantras unleashed
    3.A life makeover

  • Kok Ooi

    Success is a Journey
    Choose to Succeed

  • Dhinesh Karthigesu

    How about these book titles? I hope we are allowed more than once shot 🙂

    1)EXTRAordinary success

    2)Do You Want To Change? 10 steps to an EXTRAORDINARY life

    3)Foundation for an EXTRAORDINARY life

    4)10 Pillars for an EXTRAORDINARY foundation

    5)10 Pillars of Success

    6)10 Pillars for a Successful Life

    7) 10 Pillars for an EXTRAORDINARY life

  • Cristina Cristea

    Who Do You Want To Be? 10 Steps to developing your full potential

    Design Your Best Life: 10 Steps to developing your full potential

  • Debra Pretorius

    Dear Jim and John,

    This is such a wonderful opportunity. To be part of your personal creation.
    Book Title Suggestions that talk to poeple an stimulate a questions!!!
    1) Take it or Leave it – It’s up to YOU!
    2) Do you want to meet the REAL YOU?
    3) Join the Success Journey
    and here’s a total off the wall suggestion – but this came to me nad stuck there….
    4)I have to do WHAT!!! to be Successful?

    Will think of a few more – love this stuff

    LOL Debrap

  • victoria opalla manlegro

    Here is mine Sirs John and Jim…

    TEN Chapters that make ONE—-TOP ONE!!!
    GODbless everyone!

  • victoria opalla manlegro

    Here is mine Sirs John and Jim…

    Chapters TEN that could make ONE —TOP ONE!
    GODbless everyone.

  • Yuliana Ang

    How to live an EXTRAORDINARY life?

  • The Po

    Name for book. The Power of Ten
    Dianne Ayling, Gold Coast Australa (Sala group)

  • Diayling

    Name for book
    The Power of Ten


    Gracias a Jim Dornan y Jhon Maxwell por darnos la oportunidad de sugerir un titulo a un libro que recoge las experiencias de 2 de los grandes lideres en desarrollo personal.

    Mi sugerencia con todo respeto es ” MI OTRO YO “.

    Camilo Lozano – Liliam Ducón.

    Bucaramanga, Colombia

  • Paul Logahan

    I recommend the title is

    “Aladdin Lamp for Success”

    Book cover might be attached with an Aladdin lamp.

    Why?: in the story it was told whatever you requested will come true.
    This book is like an Aladdin Lamp. If you follow anything written in the chapters success is inevitable.

  • Viraf Motivala

    “10 easy steps to a new & successful you”

  • Marg Hays

    My suggestions for the great new book:

    1. Intentional Success

    2. Choosing Excellence

    3. Your Extraordinary Life: 10 Principles That Leave a Legacy

    4. What Really Matters – Really

    5. Building a Legacy of Significance

    6. Your Excellent Life

    7. Significance – An Intentional Journey

  • Bjarne Mansson

    Hi all
    How about simply calling it
    Becoming the best you

  • Bjarne Mansson

    Or maybe
    Becoming your best you

  • Archana Chindarkar

    Hello Jim & John

    Thanks for part II of “Becoming a person of Influence”. I am sure this will be another masterpiece.

    Going by the titles and the style of writing and the usage of words, according to me the title should be:

    “Discovering you” – Lifting your cap from Ordinary to Extra-ordinary

  • Melvin Salinasal

    wow, this is great!
    here’s my suggestions:
    1. Success: A Life-Changing Choice
    2. Maneuvering Your Way to Success
    3. Facing the Challenge

    can’t wait for the release of this book!
    surely, this would be another world-wide phenomenon!

    Bohol, Philippines

  • Viktor Khymych, Ukraine

    I am currently honored to work on translation of the book into Russian.
    It’s real great!!!
    I would suggest “Ten Steps to the Top”

  • Agnete Hansen

    Name of book:
    It starts with you
    – are you ready?

  • Agnete Hansen

    Name to book:
    Get the life you want
    – ten master points.

  • Inge Vaaben

    This book title:
    Ten steps to personal success.

  • Marianne Vergara

    Better than good day n21guy!

    “Becoming The Person You Ought To Be”

    All the best to Jim and John new book! 😀

  • Ariel Driz

    My suggestions:

    1. SUCCESS 101
    2. SUCCESS 202
    4. SUCCESS TOOL BOX (subtitle: equipping the leader)
    Ariel and Ambec Driz
    Manila, Philippines

  • Carlito Gallardo

    Becoming the Best YOU

  • Domingo Nacion

    My title suggestion: Becoming a Person of Success and Significance

  • Tom Sexton

    Hi N21 guy!

    Here are some suggestions:

    10 Steps to a Better You

    A Foundation for Success

    Starting to Established – A Foundation for Your Life

    How to Build a Solid Foundation for Your Life

  • Patty Porto

    Hi n21guy! 🙂
    I’ve observed that the leaders I’ve chosen to follow always seem to exude a sense of quiet strength. And I guess they “have it all together” because they’ve mastered the art of self-leadership — they’re leading themselves to success.

    I initially thought of the title “Quiet Strength: Your Journey to Self-Leadership”, but when I checked on the internet, it seems like there is already another book which uses the phrase ‘quiet strength’ in its title.

    So I would also suggest as an alternate, “Having it All Together: Your Journey to Self-Leadership”.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Lea Aggett

    I think a good name would be.

    “Following the footprints to success”

    The footprints that Jim Dornan and John Maxwell are making are worth to follow!

  • Ian Sotto

    My suggestions:

    1. Becoming a person of change (from the inside out)
    2. Brand New You
    3. Successful You


  • Eleftheria Tsiarta

    1) The checked path to YOUR Success

    2) A trusted way to -your- extraordinary success

    3) Investing on your extraordinary self

    4) From Ordinary To Extraordinary – Check this way

    5) Is there a path to my success? YES!

    6) Is there a secure path to my success? YES!

    7) Looking for your best? -This way!

  • Kris Drolet

    This is fun. I am particularly interested in reading Chapter 4 – Face Your Fears and FIX Them.
    – Permanently.

    I also like the idea of sustained SUCCESS presented earlier, so maybe
    SUCCESS ROCKS (This one has no longevity – in a few years the meaning of “Rock” will change back from “you Rock” to pebbles on the ground)

    If I win (or not), could I get both books autographed.
    I am reading BECOMING A PERSON OF INFLUENCE again.
    I loaned my copy to someone who REALLY needed it.
    When it was returned, I found that I was the one who REALLY needed it.

  • Rhea and Jeremy Ablaza

    Ordinary people with extraordinary Life!!!

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