WES in Kazan, Russia – April 1-3, 2011

Another round of major functions across Russia draws to a close. Described as only a Russian participant could…

With guest speakers – Aleksey Mautanov, Founder Crown Ambassador from the Ukraine; and  Natalia Seliverstova, Founder Diamond from Russia, what more could you ask for?

“Another Russian WES is over – the last but not least in the surge. Kazan WES could be announced one of the saddest yet one of the most inspiring events. Sad are the people as the surge of Russian Seminars over. Though they are all overflowing with inspiration, gigantic amount of energy and a huge desire to ‘move heaven and earth’. And it is not surprising. The speakers were outstandingly cool! Colorful examples, unusual accessories for speeches, hilarious stories and incredibly serious information about business. These are the components that form a puzzle called WES. This is what brings unsurpassed delight and pleasure – the core emotions to be felt after a seminar, the emotions we are all looking forward to because the summer surge in not far off.”

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