Video Update from Jim Dornan

Hey guys … knew you would want to see and hear from Jim as soon as possible after his surgery and cancer treatment. I managed to corner Jim last week at his home in Atlanta, GA for a few minutes and wanted to share it with each of you.

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  • Hari V Iyer

    Wow! Nice to hear from Jim again. He has always been my favourite speaker. Jim is getting back what he gives in abundance. He gives your encouragement, inspiration, love, hope and many, many more things. Jim, we want you with us always. God Bless You with a Long, Long Life. Luv You and Nancy and your family.

  • Ian and Lorraine Brownlee

    Hi Jim, It is so good to see that beaming smile and hear your voice again. We have been glued to your website and you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Your inspirational journey has been a truly wonderful blessing to the world of N21 as we are sure it has also been outside our business as well. You are a great man and both you and Nancy have been a constant inspiration and role model to us. We love you heaps and can’t wait to see you in Australia again – man, I hope they secure the roof in the Entertainment Centre when you go up on stage. God bless you Jim and Nancy Dornan. Love, Ian and Lorraine Brownlee xo

  • Kim & Brian

    Thanks N21 Guy for bring us this video. Many thanks to Jim for taking time out to talk to us all. You are looking good and wishing you continuing strength through your recovery! Our love to you and Nancy and family.

    Kind Regards, Kim & Brian, Christchurch, New Zealand

  • Gavril Osipyan

    Мы любим Вас и молимся за Вас! С Любовью! Россия! Ставрополь.

  • Millicent Novic

    It was so great to see you on the video! Our hearts are full of love for you & your family. You have been an inspiration as you have taught us how to meet life’s challenges w/ faith, grace, love & an attitude independent of circumstances. Our prayers will continue to be lifted up for you & yours!


  • satish and jayanti

    Dear Jim and Nancy,
    We’re humbled by your example throughout the ups and downs of your lives.
    It inspires us to follow your example throughout our lives too. By what you’ve taught all of us , when – not if, because, we will- duplicating your attitudes and fortitude towards life and this business, we know we’ll carry on the baton that you’ve given us.We’ll pay forward all the wonderful things that we’ve got in our lives because of your influence.

    Thank you.

    Dr.Satish and Dr.Jayanti.

  • Hendrik & Rika Grové

    Hallo Jim, great to see and hear you again, you look great and praise God for your recovery. Thank you for your great influence in our lives. We look forward to the journey ahead.
    N21 Guy thank you for your hard work in and out of the bunker.
    Lots of love from Namibia.
    Hendrik & Rika

  • Jose Sahan Kumar

    Great to hear from you… your immense leadership has changed so many lives. Glad you are an integral part of our lives.
    Love always,


  • Ravishankar

    Dear Jim,
    Great to see you, we have learnt great values from you that is more than DIAMONDSHIP. KEEP GOING we love to listen to you more!

  • Larry Patterson

    Jim, you look awesome! Love to you and your family,

    Larry and Denny

  • Anthony

    Great to see you Jim. Glad to see you making a full recovery. Please don’t forget to rest as you make a full recovery. This world needs more of your wisdom

  • anna marco

    Ciao Jim e Nancy siamo molto felici che Jim sia tornato alla sua famiglia e che la sua salute sia migliorata. Grazie del video che avete voluto condividere con tutti noi, siamo felici che le nostre preghiere abbiano raggiunto il risultato sperato. Vi auguriamo giorni meravigliosi e vi aspettiamo in Italia saluti e un calorosissimo abbraccio da Anna Marco e Matteo Luzzi dall’Italia.

  • Denny & Karen

    Hi Jim, We loved the video and you DO look fantastic! It’s hard to believe that such a short time ago you were a very sick guy. We hope to see you in Hawaii and are so looking forward to your complete recovery. Blessings! Denny & Karen

  • lisa Van Akker

    What an Inspiring video, It gets me to think of how postive you can make your life if you choose. Jim yes you are looking more relaxed, and Nancy you take care of your shelf. It is fantastic that we can watch these videos right in your own home. Hugs Lisa Van Akker Canada

  • Ken R. Nakagome

    Hi Jim, Thank you. thank you.. thank you.. thank you. we’ll see you soon hopefully. May God’s glory bless on you.

  • Paul & Rebecca Abernethy

    You are an incredible man Jim, you are looking strong and healthy and ready to take on the world once again. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Yourself and Nancy for Network 21 and for the positive aspect it has brought into our lives, we are forever grateful for your Leadership, wisdom and guidance that comes through Network 21.
    Bec and I would like to wish you a speedy and strong recovery and we hope to meet you in Sydney Australia at National this year.
    Once again Thank you and I hope you have a Great Week.
    Paul & Rebecca Brisbane Australia.


    Que el todo poderoso continue derramando bendiciones en su hogar,pues en el nuestro hay muchas gracias a usted.
    Continuamos orando para que la recuperación sea total, pues lo esperamos en Colombia junto con Nancy para el 2012, estamos trabajando duro para que ese sueño se nos cumpla

  • Neha & Pramod Shirodkar Goa India

    Great to see you talking. Thanks for changing our life. We are greatful to you.

  • László Kőry

    Thanks God for being back Jim! It’s a blessing to get your wisdom alive after that long trip you’ve been made. Thanks N21 Guy for the whole opportunity worldwide. Life is amazing, and we still have so much to learn… Be blessed!

  • Hanh

    Dear Jim and Nancy!
    I’m from Vietnam and just join in N21. I just want to thank you and wish your health get better. When I follow N21, I knew I can do everything if I have goal and dream.
    Once again, take care my teacher!^^

  • Richard Ramsay

    Hello Jim,
    I am an IBO in Calgary Alberta Canada and I have been praying for you to get well and return to the kind loving person all of us look up to.
    “God Bless You” and may he grant you
    many many more years!
    Richard Ramsay

  • Balasubramaniam

    Dear Jim & Nancy

    We just came back from the GO DIAMOND Thailand, You are example of courage and we are proud of being part of this family N21 . we pray for your speedy recovery and will see you in next Go Diamond .

    Bala & Chitra

  • hera and Indra

    I told Indra as we were going to GO DIAMOND Pattaya – that you will be there as you always did. However upon checking in at Royal Cliff Resort, we are surprised by your letter.
    We prayed and will always pray for you that you will be in good health again. Pray for Nancy that she will have the charm to help you recover.
    Hope to see you in next year GO DIAMOND
    GOD BLESS YOU and Your Family

    Hera and Indra Kusumowidagdo (Johannes and Roma Simatupang – Upline FDD)

  • Ariyati - Ade

    Jim Dornan, we miss you . We were surprised and very very sad when received the letter from you in Pattaya. We always pray to GOD you will be come back again together with us in good health, next GO Diamond. Thank you for your smile and voice in video make us more inspiring Regards also for Nancy and your family.

    Ariyati – Ade ( DL Budya – Theresia Surabaya )

  • Pranay & Rashmi Juyal

    Its great to see you in action Jim. We’re relatively new to the family and very thankful and proud to be associated with you. Now that I’ve also started learning “how to dream”, i do want to share the one that involves you-

    One of my dream is to Thank you & Nancy, in person, for blessing us with this opportunity. Im not sure in what gesture should i convey my thanks except invite you at our humble abode in Bangalore, IND for a lunch/ dinner that we could cook for you :). Next time you are in India, please do, if possible, carve some time for us to convey our gratitude to both of you!

  • Joy Lansdown

    Hi Jim,
    Had the pleasure to see you this past weekend in Washington, DC. My husband Pastor Robb Lansdown and I have lifted you up in prayer. God is in the healing business and He will restore and keep you protected. Love you and your family!

    Joy Lansdown
    Virginia/Washington, DC

  • helen athens/greece

    Seeing Mr. Dornan after his challenge is such a reminder of faith, encouragement,inspiration, tenacity, determination and love for life…here is a leader who is such an example for me. I am sure that is true for everyone! I know Jesus and the Lord are by his side and always have been. He has called on them many times and they have answered. His struggle was a struggle with the other side. And the winners came through! Helen Athens Greece

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