n21guy’s Weekly Twitter Digest for 2011-04-01

  • iReport – Weekend Seminar in Slovenia, February 11-13: Time to ramp up a few iReports from around the world peep… http://bit.ly/h6mLae #
  • iReport from Moscow Russia, March 18-20, 2011: Just another example of the caliber of training and inspiration m… http://bit.ly/hrnXjy #
  • iReport from Khabarovsk, Russia 18-20th March 2011: Big country, great event … in a city I can’t pronounce. One … http://bit.ly/htPIwZ #
  • iReport – St.Petersburg, Russia on March 11-13: A final iReport from the amazing Russian Network TwentyOne staff… http://bit.ly/hV4fxJ #
  • Just reading through a rough draft of the latest book to soon be published globally being written by none other… http://fb.me/UGKk5gOY #
  • iReport from Istanbul, Turkey spotlights Over 20 VIP Challange Winners: Great country, great city, great speaker… http://bit.ly/fhf2mB #
  • iReport from Istanbul, An ABOs Perspective: Great work from Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway ABO Mustafa K. M…. http://bit.ly/glxWSq #

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