iReport from Khabarovsk, Russia 18-20th March 2011

Big country, great event … in a city I can’t pronounce. One thing you can be sure of though, when a Russian calls a city “remote”, you know it is truly remote!

“On the 18-20th March in Russia in the special remote city Khabarovsk Network TwentyOne had a beautiful seminar with fantastic emotional atmosphere! All leaders were pleased by a new very warm venue!

Again and again  Saturday evening persuaded our Russian ABOs that dreams come true! We have heard Diamond, Yakhnenko Larisa’s, success story and it was unforgettable. We are very thankful for her and Founder Emeralds Sariy Inna and Evgeniy. Their words inspired people to achieve their goals!

It was a small event in numbers but a huge event in information and inspiration! This region is very glad to have this seminar and they really appreciate us!

See you in June! We are waiting for the summer WES….”

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