iReport – St.Petersburg, Russia on March 11-13

A final iReport from the amazing Russian Network TwentyOne staff. Just for a little perspective, St. Petersburg is closer to New York city than it is to Khabarovsk, Russia (the location of another Network TwentyOne Russia seminar listed below) … yowser!

“We had another wonderful Network TwentyOne WES in St.Petersburg Russia on March 11-13 which was marked with heartfelt positivity and great practical education provided by many local Leaders and invited speakers. We have no doubt it will help bring the ABOs’ business to a new level of success and pull the Team together. Our inspiring speakers – Double Diamonds Marek and Izabela Bujwicki from Poland and Inessa and Alexander Chasnyk from Russia- Executive Diamonds – excited the audience with their charisma and personal example of commitment to the business and Network TwentyOne. All in all it was a spectacular and powerful event in one of the most beautiful Russian cities!”

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