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Frank Luntz on Amway by n21guy for network twentyone Ok guys so check this out …Although this is primarily focused on North America, the points and messaging apply to Amway Independent Business Owners around the world.

Below is a portion of a pretty cool interview with New York Times best selling author and top pollster Dr. Frank Luntz (see his full biography below) had on the Michael Medved radio talk show on March 16, 2011. In this portion of the interview Frank touches on some of the many qualities that make both Amway as well as Amway’s Independent Business Owners so great and such an economic powerhouse in the US economy … actually bucking the trends and growing in a time of economic stagnation for most of America and the world.

In Frank Luntz’s latest New York Times Best Selling Book, Win: The Key Principles to Take Your Business from Ordinary to Extraordinary, Frank is very praising of both Amway and Amway Independent Business Owners and covers many of the attributes that make them both great. Below is just one of his many references to Amway from the book:

When someone affords us their undivided time and attention, we feel respected, appreciated, and significant. Most of the winners profiled in this book are more than just believers in the essential nature of respect— they’re practitioners. “You can’t ever gain respect until you show respect,” declares Richard DeVos, the visionary co-founder of Amway and one of the great entrepreneurs of the twentieth century. With his wife and partner of fifty years nodding in agreement, he emphasized,

“Your first act of communication is to show respect to whomever you’re talking to. What ever their philosophy, what ever their flavor, what ever their color, you’ve got to show that you respect them as a person. When people don’t respect you, they don’t let you in. They don’t tell you their secrets. And they don’t give you the information you need to give them what they want.”

Here is my latest N21Cast including Dr. Frank Luntz’s interview on the Michael Medved radio talk show.

n21guy with Dr. Frank Luntz on the Michael Medved Show

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About Frank Luntz

Dr. Luntz has written, supervised, and conducted more than 1,200 surveys, focus groups and dial sessions in more than two dozen countries and four continents over the past decade. Frank has become the go-to consultant when leading companies need communication and language guidance, from General Motors to FedEx, Disney to American Express, from AT&T to Pfizer, from Kroger supermarkets to McDonald’s to the entire soft drink and motion picture industries, as well as for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers and the Business Roundtable.

The Instant Response focus group technique pioneered by Frank was profiled on “60 Minutes.” He has also been a guest on “Meet the Press,” “Nightline,” “The Today Show,” The News Hour with Jim Lehrer,”, “Good Morning America,” “Hannity and Colmes,” “Crossfire,” “Capital Gang,”“Montel Williams,” “Charlie Rose,” and “Hardball with Chris Matthews.” He also served as a consultant to the award-winning NBC hit show “The West Wing.

More media outlets have turned to Dr. Luntz to understand the hopes and fears of Americans than to any other political pollster. In the 2000 election cycle, Frank conducted almost two-dozen focus groups for MSNBC and CNBC, including live sessions following each night of both party conventions and presidential debates. His reoccurring segments on MSNBC/CNBC, “100 Days, 1000 Voices” won a coveted Emmy Award in 2001 He was a primary night and election night commentator for “The News with Brian Williams” on MSNBC in 2000 and for “Hardball” in 2004.

Frank has conducted focus group sessions for all three major television networks, two of the three cable news channels, PBS and the BBC. He has also conducted focus groups for The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, The New Yorker, and U.S. News & World Report.

Political clients have included New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani in 1993 and 1997, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2001, and international political campaigns in almost a dozen countries, including Israel, Italy and Ukraine. He was the pollster of record for the 1994 Contract with America.

Frank graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with an honors Bachelor of Arts degree in history and political science, and was named a Thouron Fellow. He received his Doctorate in Politics at the age of 25 from Oxford University. In the spring of 1993, Frank was named a Fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, the second youngest individual ever to receive this honor.

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