iReport from Istanbul, An ABOs Perspective

Great work from Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway ABO Mustafa K. M. from Turkey… giving an ABO perspective on the event … right on Mustafa!

“Diamond Mike Wilson was the guest speaker from the USA at the WES March 2011, Turkey-Istanbul. The seminar was not easy for the Network TwentyOne cameramen since they had to follow him around the room as he could not stay on the stage! He walked from front to the back of the room and connected with hundreds of IBO’s by talking and looking into their eyes. What an amazing communicator!

After the end of the WES, we have talked many IBO’s and there were three common responses from everyone:

a) This is a business,

b) There is a proven system,

c) Anyone can do this as long as they have a desire to do “somthing more” in their lives.

We are grateful to Network TwentyOne to have such a great leader as the guest speaker.”

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