iReport from Bucharest, Romania – February 18-20, 2011

Check out the latest “haps” (“happenings”, for all of you using the Google translate feature:-) ) from Network TwentyOne Romania through this latest iReport from Network TwentyOne Romania’s intrepid Country Manager/Cub Reporter, Adina Logofatu!

“After many years, we returned to Palace Hall for another fantastic WES! Participants enjoyed the comfort of this elegant venue and the enthusiastic atmosphere of a great N21 event that took place in Bucharest on 18-20 February.

Outstanding speakers Diamond from South Africa PAOLO SCILIPOTI and Executive Diamond from Ukraine OKSANA SYTNIUK generously shared their impressive stories, the lessons they learned, their experience in growing personally and in business. Excellent teaching and motivation expressed in a sensitive way, with a great posture. They transmitted emotion and strength at the same time, touching people’s hearts and encouraging them to build a bigger Amway business.

Local speakers added even more inspiration with their discourses and attitude.

The new N21 incentives launched at the previous WES were very well represented during the seminar – it was great to see so many ABOs wearing  VIP Ribbons and we also had new Executive Platinum recognition!

There was a wonderful moment when all audience sent out their best, most positive thoughts and affirmations to Jim Dornan.

An event to remember, which made everyone happy and grateful to be part of N21 family.”

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