Weekend Seminar in Athens, Greece – November 10-21, 2010

γεια σε όλους τους φίλους μου! (look it up 😉 ) … and check out this iReport from my good friends in Hellas! Tough times are the right time for Amway & Network TwentyOne… bringing opportunity and support to people around the world. Cool stuff huh?

The Anti-crisis WES!

“An amazing WES took place in Athens with fantastic moments, wonderful atmosphere along with the right conclusions that gave a strong push to all our ABO’s to the direction of new decade!

Our guest speakers Ray & Karla Keller did a perfect job. They were amazing on stage sharing their experience and we all admired their great attitude!
“Crazy Beginnings” made all the audience Go Crazy !!!! They fired up everyone in the venue and after long time we saw ALL the people standing up many times and applauded them… also when local speakers were speaking and when the new recognitions took place.

Our local Hellenic speakers did an excellent work making speeches that the market needed now and by having a smoothly flow from one topic to the next one. High lights the speech of Vangelis Stravoudakis on Saturday night and Elena Haroni sharing her personal success story and making a super promotion of “20 Vip challenge & Year of Ex. Platinum, with such an enthusiastic way.

Another highlight was the new Amway Hellas manager who presented a completely new and optimistic perspective of the business!

This time we had a great scenery that we created using previous ones (economy wise) It was a big globe in the back of the stage and the logo of N21 in the middle as a scene décor plus 3 big screens. Although we were watching a tight budget, the final whole picture with the lights was amazing!!!

For second time in the same year we’ve updated the music with new hits and adjusted the type of music during breaks. There was a fantastic – fresh atmosphere and ABO’s were dancing from time to time between sessions.

If we could give a name to the WES we would say is was an “Anti-crisis” WES!”

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