N21 Products coming to iPhone???

Hey guys … just walked past the ultra secret Network TwentyOne labs where all of there coolest technology is developed … things like our iPhone app, micro websites and stuff… actually it is where I was born as well. Anyway, since I am in some strange way a sibling of the “techies”, they tend to share some of their best beta projects and ideas with me and this latest one seems very sweet indeed.

Turns out those smart lads in the tech lab are developing the ability to subscribe to N21 Monthly CEP CD programs via your computer (Macs, PCs and even Linux boxes), iPhone, Android phone or most any other smartphone device. Imagine simply getting a notification on your computer or phone that your new CEP is not only available but already delivered to your device and ready for your enjoyment. As they say on TV, “but wait, there’s even more…” for you multi-lingual types, not only will you be able to subscribe to your own market’s CEP program but you’ll have the ability to subscribe to select other market’s CEP programs as well. Pretty darn groovy if you ask me.

So let the bean counters and decision makes over at Network TwentyOne know if this is something you’d like to have by clicking here and taking my survey. If you shout loud enough I am sure they’ll take this out of beta and into the real world.

Also, questions or comments? hit me here in the article’s comments section.

lay-ter peeps …

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  • Daisy Power

    Hi N21 Guy,
    Thanks for this update! I think you are the coolest “techies”. Thanks for keeping us on the cutting edge mannn!

  • Olaf

    it would be great, if you would create Apps and other new products for Android Smartphone, too. In Germany iphone and other Apples are very special and expensive, more Android smartphones and other Androids are used. – But anyhow, you are on a perfect way – thanks.

  • dawn

    Pretty soon I’ll just push a button behind my ear and and voice command my CEP..or just shake my head for “shuffle”…Just amazing…BRING IT!!!!

  • Daniel ,Sonja Schneider Switzerland

    thanks N21-Guy! This is one of the greatest news since a long time- you are always on the edge- that is great- especially here in Switzerland, we would love to have that possibility, as most of us here speak 3 or 4 languages and are as well on the program in different languages. Looking forward to that! thanks again

  • Edward F Gentis

    Dear n21 guy,

    Thanks for all your efforts! I do have a few questions

    How do I show latest Amway product DVD “Products for a full,active,healthy life” on my IPad instead of my computer?

    and same with i commerce A Team Approach to Business Ownership

    and Getting Started by Jim Dornan DVD

    Please let me know. Thank you.


    • The good news is I have the answer, the bad news is I don’t think you’re gonna like it. DVD to iPad is not simple and would require a computer and some special software… Tell Amway you need a solution and I’ll pass your comments on to the N21 tech lab…

  • Espen, Norway

    Will you have to choose between cd’s or download, or will you be able to get them both?

  • Robert in Calgary, Canada

    Hey N21 guy. Great to hear of the constant evolvement of our resources. To get our CEP in downloads would be convenient but never want to stop getting the physical CD’s too as those are the magic to hand out to people for follow-up, etc.

    To get access to offshore CEP would be FANTASTIC! Back in the “lost Q years” before we came back to the big A in north america (yay!) I subcribed to offshore CEP as the material was unbeatable! The best information in business (any business) comes from where the action is & as Tony Henderson said at the recent Winter Conference “there has been a real “silicon valley” of intellectual property developed offshore & we need to tap that”.
    Bring it on!

    • Yeah I hear you Robert … since all English speaking markets are now Amway again, we’ll most likely not offer other English language CEP from other countries (offshore as you say) because our CEP is basically a blend of the best of North American, Australian, South African and occasionally Malaysian talks. But there will be access to French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, etc … likely.

      Also the need for physical contact and follow up tools is not going away any time soon … neither are CDs.

  • Kimberly Burrows

    Sounds good but love the cds to share with prospects. Dont want to give them up

  • Ayanda

    N21 Guy this will help reduce the time its take me installed CD ROM player and trying to Sync with ITunes on my IPhone. Lets do it maybe utilise the Exstising infrastructare of App stores for Itunes.Just a suggestion.Maybe you longin with your IBO number on the App stores to Authincate ibos on the N21 App store.

    • Yo Ayanda … that is the point of the new app, to make things easier for the peeps. Do me a favor though buddy and don’t go too deep into the details, the tech boys have it figured out 😉

  • Arnold

    What about other smartphone platforms? iPhone’s penetration is loosing market share rapidly now. Android is selling much faster and WP7 might gain marketshare quicker than any other pratform recently.

    • Hmmm… An Arnold from Austria… Are you “The Arnold”? Perhaps taking a break from California??

      Hang tight Governor, those smart n21 geeks are designing CEP and other tools around industry standards and will work on android, iPhone and many other smart phones… Maybe even blackberry!!

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