Free Enterprise – Kazan, Russia – November 5-7, 2010

Another “Righteous Writeup from the Russians” !  BTW… there is a great pizzeria in Kazan well worth the trip …

“The Weekend Seminar in Kazan this fall was a real outstanding event in the heart of Tatarstan that will remain in hearts of thousands of IBOs for a long time.
The impressive constellation of speakers made a tremendous impact on IBOs from all over Russia that came to the event eager to learn and to soak in the spirit of leadership.

Charming and elegant Jackie Lowe, Double Diamond from the UK, shared her invaluable experience in building Amway business globally, and gave her insight on goal-setting, dreaming, and achieving.

The energetic and bright talk given by Diamond from Ukraine Vladimir Samokhin charged the audience with the strong willingness to dream big and work hard.
The part of the event that can leave no one untouched were the people making their first steps on stage as new achievers. We are sure they will never forget the thrilling sensation of the moment.

And to crown it all, the spectacular and breathtaking recognition of Marek and Izabela Bujwicki as new Double Diamonds was the brightest highlight of the event that kept every single person in the audience on the edge of their seats.
We are so grateful to all the leaders who brought their vision to all of us and made this event so priceless.

But, above all – that was a real fun!”

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