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n21guy’s Weekly Twitter Digest for 2011-01-28

Powerful and inspiring post from our fearless leader … #fb # #poll Describe your interest in getting your CEP electronicly #

N21 Products coming to iPhone???

Hey guys … just walked past the ultra secret Network TwentyOne labs where all of there coolest technology is developed … things like our iPhone app, micro websites and stuff… actually it is where I was born as well. Anyway, since I am in some strange way a sibling of the “techies”, they tend to share some of their best beta projects and ideas with me and this latest one seems very sweet indeed.

Turns out those smart lads in the tech lab are developing the ability to subscribe to N21 Monthly CEP CD programs via your computer (Macs, PCs

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New Video from Amway North America

Hey guys … I just got my hands on a new video that Amway has done here in North America … kind of a take off on a very successful video made by Amway Australia last year (but without the funny accents 😉 ). Below is the embedded version from YouTube and here is a link to a download-able version ripped specifically for iPhones (but will play well on most other smartphones).

Take a look and let me know what you think about it.

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n21guy’s Weekly Twitter Digest for 2011-01-21

2 new updates… 1 from Jim and 1 from Nancy, Check them out here: #fb #

n21guy’s Weekly Twitter Digest for 2011-01-14

A new iReport to send you into the weekend with style … enjoy #

Weekend Seminar in Athens, Greece – November 10-21, 2010

γεια σε όλους τους φίλους μου! (look it up 😉 ) … and check out this iReport from my good friends in Hellas! Tough times are the right time for Amway & Network TwentyOne… bringing opportunity and support to people around the world. Cool stuff huh?

The Anti-crisis WES!

“An amazing WES took place in Athens with fantastic moments, wonderful atmosphere along with the right conclusions that gave a strong push to all our ABO’s to the direction of new decade!

Our guest speakers Ray & Karla Keller did a perfect job. They were amazing on stage sharing their

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n21guy’s Weekly Twitter Digest for 2011-01-07

Check out the latest blog post on by Nancy Dornan. Happy 2011 ya'll… n21guy closing out 2010. #fb # Updates from 2 happening sites: ( 5 awesome iReports) and (update from JD), #fb # Shout out for another amazing Network TwentyOne leader … way to go Beverly! #

GENEROSITY – Beverly Sallee Ophoff

Beverly at her best in this month’s Amway Achieve magazine. The Amway Generosity Hero Award presentation at the Business Meeting last December was an inspiring IBO favorite. Beverly’s story is a confirmation of her IBO spirit and why she choose the Amway business.

Way to go Beverly … on behalf of Network TwentyOne we praise your efforts!!

Oh and sorry I “jacked” your video Amway … please change your JWPlayer settings on the Achieve website to allow embedding videos 😉

St. Petersburg, Russia Free Enterprise – November 26-28, 2010

Last but not least from the City of Museums… the last of 4 great iReports from our Russian Comrades … great job Network TwentyOne Russia on putting together another fantastic set of events!

“With no doubt we can call Free Enterprise in S.-Petersburg, November 26-28, one of the most thrilling events of the year. Overcrouded venue, fantastic speakers (Alois & Sissy Petra Szuchar, Mats Holmberg), 50 Diamonds and above present at the seminar, dynamically bright stage and… three Diamond and above Recognitions! Despite cold weather (-15 C) and heavy snow the atmosphere of this Free Entrerprise was very hot and

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