A Very Special Update From Jim Dornan

Although many of you have heard the news, many more have not.  Being the un-official spokesperson for Network TwentyOne is almost always a delight but it brings me pain to report that our fearless leader has recently been diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus.

As so many of you have wanted to stay connected and informed, Jim has decided to set up a personal website to allow you all to join him on this personal journey.  (www.JimDornansJourney.com). Jim will be posting regularly as will others from the Dornan family as Jim battles (and fully recovers from) this cancer.

Please note that this not a Network TwentyOne website but is a personal website for Jim’s very personal journey … but one that he wanted to share with his many friends around the world.

If you would like to be notified of updates to Jim’s website, simply click on the Subscribe for Updates link on the right column of Jim’s website. If you’d like to leave a message for Jim, feel free to sign into his Guest Book (located on the menu bar).

For a man that has given so much to so many, now is our chance to give back a little in thoughts, prayers and well wishes to Jim and the entire Dornan family.

As Jim would say … “More to come…”

Peace out…

38 comments to A Very Special Update From Jim Dornan

  • Jerry & Shelly King

    God Bless you on this journey.

    Shelly & I have followed you for years. We appreciate you and your family. Our prayers are with you – – you don’t know us but we are friends of Chuck & Jean Strehli.

    Bless You

    Jerry & Shelly

  • Marj NESBITT

    This is the most extraordinary testimony from a most extraordinary man! God is really using you to reach people with your faith. We’re indeed praying for you and all your family as you claim complete healing as another example of what our. Lord is doing in our daily lives. God bless from the. Nesbitts, BC, Canada

  • Joanne McBride

    Dear Jim and family,
    You are all in God’s great hands. I just wanted to say you are all in my prayers.
    God Bless.

  • bettywitty

    GODbless YOU Sir!!!
    May you and your family
    have a wonderful and happy holidays!

  • Knut & Julie

    Dear Jim,

    Our thoghts are with you, Nancy and the rest of the Dornan clan at this very important moment in time. Your compassion for others, wisdom and courage can only be seen as an example for others to follow. With God’s grace and the knowledge that He is the protector, provider
    and guardian of us mere mortals, we pray you will recover quickly and successfully. God bless to you, Nancy and the rest of the family.

  • Thana & Kanchana

    May this be a success journey! Jim keeps himself to be the most experienced leader of all for us. Our prayers are with you at all time. Definitely this Christmas will lead to another great year for the Dornan’s.
    Lots of loves and respects!

  • Doug Carter

    Jim, dear friend, both Winnie and I are praying for you every day. We know God is your mighty Healer. Love you.

  • Carol & Hank Zampa

    Dear Jim & Nancy, Thank you so much for setting up the website so we can all stay tuned as you go through the 100% healing process under the direction and presence of the Lord. You are so very loved by all of us.

  • Thana & Kanchana

    May this be a success journey. Our prayers are with you at all time. This Christmas will lead to another greater year for you all. “May God richly bless you all.”

    Lots of loves and respects!

  • Mardjuki & Monica

    I really appreciate for the information. Knowing the Dornan is a blessed for my family and me, we will bring Jim’s recovery into our prayer’s list.

    Mardjuki & Monica

  • Matt & Sonja Wallis

    Dear Jim, our thoughts and prayers are wingingbtheir way to you all the way from Coffs Harbour Australia. Fight the fight well! We know you will win. Love matt and Sonja Wallis twitter: @go1goal

  • Geoff, Lianne & Jason Haber

    Hey Mr. Jim; We love you, have been on our knees, and can’t wait to give you a hug. Love, the Habers

  • Marina M. Lorbek Forcher, Slovenia

    Liebe Gruesse und alles Gute fuer Sie…., herzlichst Marina Lorbek Forcher aus Slowenien…,

  • Bella Paige

    Hi Jim, Just heard the news. I am shocked, with so much good yourself and your family has done. This is certainly a shock, your basically a saint, I never thought anything like this would happen to you.

    From the Goldcoast Australian … Our thoughts and prays are with you, we will fight this along side you in Pray, as they say the power of Pray in numbers can be a powerful thing, We ALL hope that you beat this thing.

    I know their will be millions thinking the same thing, sending along their love and support, you’re truly an amazing man and I believe your time on this earth is not finished yet, their is still so many lives for you too touch … You’re and amazing man.


  • AEC

    Our prayers are with you….fight! God bless you always, Jim…

  • John & Linda Bunner

    Jim and Nancy…Our prayers are with you and ALL family. God is GREAT and is the ulitmate POWER!! May He be with you and give you strength for the journey ahead. Much Love…John and Linda Bunner

  • Khairina

    Dear Jim, so grateful and blessed to be part of your N21 family and vision. We love you, may this be a success journey. Our prayers are with you at all time. Khairina

  • Daniel ,Sonja Schneider Switzerland

    Dear Jim and family, We are 100 percent with you and wish you a lot of strength going to the coming healing process. Thank you that you came into our world and you all will be on our prayers list. Love from Switzerland Dan & Sonja

  • Budya & Theresia, Indonesia

    Dear Jim,

    This, of course, will be a success journey..
    We both will always pray for you everyday; and you will win (as always)..

    God bless you, Nancy and the whole family..

  • Brenda Clark

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You don’t me but through Dane and Nancy, and Karen and Denny, I have a tremendous view of what you have done for so many. God will see you through this difficult journey.

  • Aaron and Toni Long

    We know this is just a little bump in the road for a man that has blessed so many lives beyond measure. Including our own. You are in our prayers. Thinking of you and sending our love daily.


    I am follow N21 system for a few year in Hong Kong, and now I will through n21 to build a worldwide business, so I am very appreciate you to set up a perfect system and give many many people hope, I think you can success in this battle, I will pray for you, thanks.

  • jose and graca dos santos

    may God give you and your family all the best courage and happiness in this new journey, we pray that you have a speedy recovering , so that you may continue your inspirational journey amongst us.God Bless.

  • Korki Birkandan Germany

    Dear Jim,
    thank you for the possibility to write directly.
    I hope that my best wishes have reached you already
    through Mitch. I`m praying every day for you and so does my cousin in Turkey who is a minister and knows you from seminar and CD`s. He is a strong prayer and his prayings have been heard very often by God.
    I know that God will give you more time together with
    us after this “test”.We all love you!

  • Margie Haddox

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You are loved by many and respected and appreciated by many more. I have never met you, but hear about you and your family from my daughter. She always tells me how inspiring you and your family are to her. You have made a difference in her life in a very positive way and I will always be thankful for that. I am sure God will carry you though this battle and it will come to a happy ending. God bless you and your family.
    Margie Haddox

  • Loren Zaleski, Michigan

    Gd bless and keep you well, may this be just a bump in the road. My dad lived for 21 years after his prognosis in ’80 and passed in ’01. He made it seem easy, he survived the depression, WWll and is a hero to me just as you are. May the doctors get it all and if Cardinal John Newman can assist in a miracle on his way to sainthood, all the better! You will be in my prayers, God Bless you and your family this Christmas!
    Loren Zaleski

  • Colin G. Mead

    Hi & blessings to the Dornans! I’m an IBO from Australia. Jim has never met me yet he is my best friend & leader! Therefore as I pray for my loved ones I also pray & trust God for Jim. God bless you big this Christmas! xox. Colin.

  • Dear Jim & Nancy Dornan,
    Before I joint this incredible network a family of N21 I was amazed that the person such you self who give so much to a world community for a better life.
    Dear Jim you are my idol just because that what I would like to be remember in later if life.
    My prayer with you as always, get well soon we still need you to change our brightly future for all mankind and the world we live in.
    Lots of love
    Eko n Carina

  • Fred & Barb Szedlak

    Dear Jim, Nancy and Family. You are all in our prayers while Jim sails through his healing process. “thoughts become things . . . choose the good ones.”

  • Emily & Danny

    God bless you! We know you can overcome! All the best!!!

    Much much love from Emily & Danny (HK)

  • Teddy Triantafillis, Thessaloniki Greece

    I wish you a speedy recovery!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you and your family continuously give and teach us all!!! My Prayers are with you and your Family

    Sincerely Teddy

  • Phan Family

    Hi Jim,

    May God continue to bless you. I know that you will win this.

    Thank you for continuously inspiring us to dream more!

    Looking forward meeting you personally soon.

    Phan Family

  • Ed Mowrey and Caren Morningstar

    We’re sending light and healing energy!

  • Rittiron

    Dear Jim. I and all Thai people are praying for you. We love you.

  • Jay & Lillian Fox

    Jim you have been a light in a time of darkness. God has a plan for all our lives. Thank you for being you. Nancy and you have been an inspiration to Jay and I. One of your new down line. 21st Century Provisioners
    May God be with you Nancy and family. Love Lillian Fox

  • Leeanne Thompson

    To The Wonderful Dornan Family

    Our love be with you all at this time xox


    Leeanne and whanau (Melbourne, Australia)

  • Prabhu & Sujata

    Dear Jim,
    We are blessed to have you as role model and mentors. God’s designs are still beyond our understanding, but there is no doubt you would pull through very well and continue to guide us.
    Prabhu and Sujata,
    India, from Amit and Atul’s team.

  • David Rasho

    Dear Jim beloved in Christ,

    I pray to God the father of our LORD God and Saviour Jesus Christ to give you the healing you need for your illness and that you may find comfort, grace, peace and blessings as you recover from it, in Jesus precious name. Amen.

    From: Melbourne, Australia.