n21guy’s Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-12-31

Another great update from Jim Dornan @ http://www.jimdornansjourney.com #fb #

n21guy’s Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-12-24

An important announcement about our friend and leader, Jim Dornan http://n21guy.com/2010/12/a-very-special-update-from-jim-dornan/ # Another amazing update from our fearless leader Jim – http://www.jimdornansjourney.com/ #fb #

A Very Special Update From Jim Dornan

Although many of you have heard the news, many more have not. Being the un-official spokesperson for Network TwentyOne is almost always a delight but it brings me pain to report that our fearless leader has recently been diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus.

As so many of you have wanted to stay connected and informed, Jim has decided to set up a personal website to allow you all to join him on this personal journey. (www.JimDornansJourney.com). Jim will be posting regularly as will others from the Dornan family as Jim battles (and fully recovers from) this cancer.

Please note

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n21guy’s Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-12-03

heads up … fixed the link for "New Network TwentyOne Platinums Featured on Achieve Magazine" article on my site http://www.n21guy.com #fb #