Go Diamond and Emerald Forum, 24-27 September 2010, Budapest, Hungary

Ok guys, another great iReport from the “Euro-Cool” Network TwentyOne European Events team on the European Go Diamond … great work to the leaders and staff of Network TwentyOne on an amazing event!!!

“This year’s European Go Diamond proved to be the biggest ever, with over 2300 participants from 23 countries. Jim & Nancy Dornan, Founders Crown Ambassadors with 50 FAA points were joined by some of the biggest names in the business like Founder Crown Ambassadors Mitch and Deirdre Sala from Australia, as well as leading figures in Europe, Crown Ambassadors Hans & Eva Nusshold to provide vision and inspiration .

The event was a star-studded affair with a total of 3 Founder Crown Ambassadors, 2 Crown Ambassadors, 1 Crown, 5 Double Diamonds, 8 Executive Diamonds and more than 70 other Diamonds and Founder Diamonds attending. One of the highlights of the event was the recognition of new Diamonds Oksana &Yuriy Tataru, new Executive Diamonds Jaroslav & Valentina Pavlyuk and Mikhail &Valentina Bludov and 2 new Double Diamonds – Izabela & Marek Bujwicki from Poland and Alois & Sissy Petra Szuchar from Austria.

The Go Diamond audience also had an opportunity to hear inspirational speeches from Network TwentyOne’s second generation – guest speakers David & Jules Dornan from the USA who have recently qualified as Founder Diamonds. Live translation into 13 languages was provided to ensure that no one missed the words of leadership.

To do justice to the importance of Go Diamond, an ordinary sport hall in the city was transformed into something resembling a ballroom which ensured everyone was able to enjoy themselves in a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Amway provided an extensive exhibition, and Network TwentyOne’s Network of Caring charitable organization was also there and raised over $25,000 to help further the fantastic work they are doing to help disadvantaged people around the world.

And it didn’t end with Go Diamond. The day after the event over 500 European Emeralds attended the Emerald Forum for a rewarding day of motivation and education. The Forum was held in the beautiful Intercontinental Hotel and was wrapped up with a reception with music provided by a live pianist – a fittingly elegant end to the day.”

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