Network TwentyOne Responds to the Toxic Sludge Disaster in Hungary

OK guys, another touching iReport about the generosity and desire to help others that exists in the world of Network TwentyOne, staff, leadership and affiliated Amway business owners. This iReport comes via Network TwentyOne Hungary’s Country Manager, Barbara Nagy.

“In the afternoon of October the 4th, 2010, more than 300 families’ lives were shattered in just a few minutes as toxic sludge from a local factory flooded across 4 villages, killing 9 people, injuring many more and destroying the property and homes of over 300 families. To this day, many are still hospitalized with severe chemical burns from this toxic flood.

This tragedy brought together Network TwentyOne, Network of Caring and the International Red Cross last weekend at a Network TwentyOne Business Building Seminar in Budapest, Hungary where the wonderful feeling of the united effort to help others became reality. It was such a blessing to experience the goodwill of Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway business owners as well as Network TwentyOne staff giving in the spirit so often espoused and demonstratd by Network TwentyOne founders, Jim and Nancy Dornan.

With a special thanks to Hans & Eva Nusshold, Crown Ambassadors from Austria for the generous support in kicking off the fund raising effort… over $8,000 in cash donations was collected. Additionally, people were amazed at the huge amount of food and clothing donations that was collected at the entrance of the seminar. Many business owners had tears in their eyes when they realized what unity and goodwill together can achieve. The van that Red Cross has sent to pick up the donations had to return 4 additional times to take away all of the donations for the flood victims. When asked, the representative from the Red Cross said ” I have never experienced such a unity and action from one organization before!”

On behalf of the many families we have assisted, THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

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  • Sven Luthman

    Thanks, for showing us these pictures of the disaster that hit this part of Hungary. Hope that no ABO’s lived in the area that was hit by the mud flood. Maybe we hear some stories about this from Wolf & Imre Serdült that are coming to Sweden (for Scandinavian WES) this upcoming weekend.


  • Ara Bhokani

    What an pair of organisations to partner with! Network21 and Amway have some of the most compassionate people I’ve associated with. It’s moments like these that make me feel so proud to have joined up with them. A family like the Dornans (and many of our ABOs around the world) keep making the world a better place even after great tragedies.

    Who wouldn’t be proud to associate with such people! I am.

    Ara, S. Africa

  • vicroria o. manlegro

    What a COMPASSION!!!

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