n21guy’s Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-10-29

Schweeet Tweet… article in Amway Achieve magazine about new N21 Founders Diamonds David & Jules Dornan … http://tinyurl.com/3ykhkyr # Where's Jim? http://n21guy.com/2010/10/having-fun-while-making-a-difference/ # Hot off the press … new iReport from Bucharest, Romania! http://tinyurl.com/28sdezz # When it rains … it pours. Another iReport, this time from the Czech Republic… http://tinyurl.com/yefjxwg # Booommm!!! another iReport from the cool cats at Network TwentyOne Slovenia! http://tinyurl.com/2fo5d82 # We now officially have a plethora of iReports… one more from North American Crown Direct Bob Andrews… http://tinyurl.com/37k5x4u #

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iReport from Crowns Bob & Terry Andrews

Always nice to get some “scoop” from such  successful and respected Network TwentyOne leaders … and once again we see Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway business leaders not only having fun but doing great things for others in need. My invitation must have been lost in the mail…

“Hello All,  When Rich saw Terry at the exclusive Black Tie opening of The Amway Center he said….”Hi Terry, I am happy to see you. You look great!”   What a memory.  Rich is a legend.

An incredible evening… Jim & Nancy, The Boston Pops Orchestra, James Taylor, fabulous dinner and only 800

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iReport – Weekend Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia – October 14-17, 2010

Another great iReport from the heart of Europe … Ljubljana, Slovenia … try saying that 5 times quickly!

“Our Weekend Seminar held on the 14-17th of October 2010 in Ljubljana, Slovenia may not compete for the prize of the biggest Network TwentyOne event in Europe this year but certainly could  for the prize of the greatest atmosphere! Has anybody told you that Slovenes and Croatians like to dance? Well believe it or not, they do! When the band started to play opening Saturday’s evening session, everyone hurried downstairs mingling, moving, dancing or simply being happy and ready to follow the

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iReport from CZ/PL/SK Weekend Seminar, October 22-24, 2010, Brno, Czech Republic

This iReport comes from the Czech Republic. Yowser… those Czechs sure know how to celebrate a new Double Diamond recognition huh?

“We had a great event with  thousands of Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway ABOs from Poland, Czech and Slovakia, October 22-24, 2010 in Brno, Czech. The guest speakers came this time from the Ukraine: Crowns, Valeria and Igor Kharatin and from USA: Founders Crown Ambassador, Tim Foley. Saturday night was a real dream building event that started with the entertainment “ABBA STARS” and was glittering through the recognitions and finale that everybody was waiting for was Recognition of Double Diamonds

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iReport from the Weekend Seminar, Bucharest, Romania, 22-24 October 2010!

Autumn colors and sunny weather accompanied Network TwentyOne affiliated Romanian ABOs on their way to the venue. The audience enjoyed an enthusiastic and beautiful atmosphere and the benefit of excellent teaching and motivation from all speakers. Local leaders were happy to welcome many new people to the Network TwentyOne family and to proudly share with them the value of this fantastic business opportunity called Amway.

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Tremendous guest speaker Diamond from Australia Ronnie Kagan combined, in a unique way technique, encouragement, and humor, closing with the message: “Be the king of your own business”.

Having Fun While Making a Difference!

I tried to get the gig as Jim’s caddy for this trip but alas… no go! Regardless, I thought you would appreciate seeing what Network TwentyOne founders Jim & Nancy Dornan we up to earlier this week.

Jim, Nancy, Dave and Jules (plus Faith an Ella) were recently at Pebble Beach to support another worthy charitable organization, EQUIP, with John Maxwell. Jim is a founding board member of the organization that has now trained over 4 million leaders in 144 countries, and in more than 60 languages. “The golf is world class, but the opportunity to make a

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David & Jules Dornan – N21 Diamonds Spotlighted in Achieve

No additional comments from n21guy needed … second generation Dornans rock!!!

n21guy’s Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-10-22

Amazing story of compassion, generosity and action from Budapest, Hungary … http://tinyurl.com/338tng7 # Another great story about the way that N21 and it's IBOs "stand and deliver"… this time in Haiti. http://tinyurl.com/37vupz7 #

Network TwentyOne Spotlighted for Haiti Support in Achieve Magazine

Well we seem to be on a roll this month… with an emphasis on givin

g to those less fortunate … first with the Budapest flood and now with heads up on the work that Network TwentyOne and it’s charitable subsidiary, Network Of Caring, were recently recognized for by Amway Corporation. You guys rock!!!

Recently in Amway’s Achieve magazine, Network TwentyOne was spotlighted for their work done to assist in aid relief to those who suffered from Haiti’s devastating earthquake earlier this year. Inspired by the leadership of Network TwentyOne’s founders Jim and Nancy Dornan… orchestrated by Network Of Caring’s

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Network TwentyOne Responds to the Toxic Sludge Disaster in Hungary

OK guys, another touching iReport about the generosity and desire to help others that exists in the world of Network TwentyOne, staff, leadership and affiliated Amway business owners. This iReport comes via Network TwentyOne Hungary’s Country Manager, Barbara Nagy.

“In the afternoon of October the 4th, 2010, more than 300 families’ lives were shattered in just a few minutes as toxic sludge from a local factory flooded across 4 villages, killing 9 people, injuring many more and destroying the property and homes of over 300 families. To this day, many are still hospitalized with severe chemical burns from this toxic

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