iReport – So Much More Than Just a Business Opportunity – Togliatti, Russia!

We often hear so much about the material rewards of success … and the Amway business has certainly delivered such rewards to many. But the leadership of Network TwentyOne proves time and time again that success can enable one to do so much more than simply acquire things. That’s where we pick up the story of some Network TwentyOne affiliated Russian AIEs as reported by Network TwentyOne Russia’s Country Manager – Olga Gorshkova.

“Last Sunday, on August 22nd, a young Diamond couple – Anton and Avetlana Karatusha – and all their friends and business partners from Samara and Togliatti (100 km far from Samara), including their upline – Founder Crown Ambassador Vera Archipova – and many other  Diamonds and Above: Ognen Yankovich, Anatolyj and Valentina Telepajlo, Marina and Yuri Makolovy, Elena and Adrey Pogorelovy – were hosting their annual Nutrilite Football (Soccer) match.

The weather was sunny with a cold wind, but it didn’t prevent active Amway AIEs from these two nice Volga cities from gathering together and proving that Amway and N21 teach people not only how to earn money, but how to give it to charity as well.

Then there were special invited guests – kids from a special boarding school with limited physical abilities. At the end of the football match that consisted of 3 games with 5 teams, there was a special competition for these kids organized by some of AIEs. No need to say how much the hearts of all present were touched by this. At the end, all special guests (8 kids) got the gifts from Amway Company and the AIEs.
It was a great event, a nice example of motivation, encouragement, team-building, sport spirit and charity notion present in this business!

Both I and the Amway Volga region Development Manager were invited and were present at this event, demonstrating once again the cooperation of 2 global corporate powerhouses in this region!”

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