iReport from Central European Conference, Hungary, Budapest, 11-13 June

An amazing iReport from Network TwentyOne Hungary sharing the excitement of their Central European Regional Conference.

Thousands of Network TwentyOne affiliated Business Owners converged from Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland… What an amazing feeling!! …. The guest speakers Shanker & Mia Bala Diamonds from Australia, János & Rachel Demeter Founder Executive Diamonds came from USA, Hans & Eva Nusshold Crown Ambassadors from Austria created an incredible athmosphere. They shared their experiences, taught and motivate the enthusiastic audience.

The motto of the seminar was “2 more…” The speakers were speaking about “how to bring 2 more people to next ELC meeting to use 2 more products…etc”

And after this amazing function I can only say how outstanding it is that Network TwentyOne just had an international event like this.

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