Jim Dornan - Live Video this Friday!

Ok so check this out guys… As you may know, Jim Dornan is a pretty tough guy to track down. As luck would have it I am going to be in Istanbul, Turkey this Friday during Jim’s meeting with the Turkish Silvers and above.

So I got to thinking it would be cool if we could do a live video webcast for a few minutes with Jim just before he goes up to speak and maybe even a few minutes into the Silvers meeting.

So mark your calendars for Friday, March 26 at 8:00 pm (+- 5 min) Istanbul, Turkey Time. Simply visit n21guy.com/livevideo during this time to catch the video feed.

Not sure what time 8:00 pm in Istanbul, Turkey is in your neck of the woods … click here for a listing of the correct time in all time zones and major cities.

Final note: this is what we call “Beta” so I am not sure how well the video feed will come through … but hey, its free so you have nothing to loose.

See you Friday!!!

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