Blooming spring in St.Petersburg on March, 12-14!

Ok, so I think we are almost done with Weekend Seminars in Russia for the time being. Too bad actually because I love the passion and insight into this amazing business brought forth by the Russian leaders and Network TwentyOne staff … Спасибо за вашу самоотверженность и трудолюбие!

“What a success! What great Leadership and attendees! I think these are the most qualified words to describe this WES in S.-Petersburg March 12-14.

One of the striking points of the seminar was the stage design. Saying that is was beautiful means saying nothing. Though it was heavily snowing outside and weather left much to be desired, inside the venue we had blossoming spring! Lots of leaders including Founders Crown Ambassador speakers Vera and Alexey were heard to say that it was perhaps one of the best designs of Network TwentyOne Russia ever! The venue was full and we could feel positive atmosphere and see cheerful smiles on faces.In addition, many positive  remarks were coming out of first time visitors.

Our Network 21 Leadership team proves again and again that they are the best. It is absolutely fantastic to see how system and busines principles are implemented so naturally and professionally. We were filled with proud and happiness when seeing our speakers at this Weekend Seminar”

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