Sydney Australia BDS January 16th 2010

Here is an iReport from Ian Abbott, Operations Manager for Network TwentyOne Australia/New Zealand. Thanks “mate” and remember folks you are just a few mouse clicks away from being famous and submitting your own iReport. Simply click here to begin…

“Darling Harbour was again host to the Sydney BDS. This month, MC’ed by Joe and Cveta Andary, we were treated to the gaceful and charming Mia Bala, who has the skill to break the most complex of subjects down to simple and do-able steps. Shanker Bala drove the message home. He took Mia’s guiding message, and then reminded us that Network 21 isn’t an “Adult Day Care Centre”, it’s about building your business and your future. Recognitions were great, with many Pace Setters and Leaders Club. Next month in Sydney is Peter Cox – care to join us?”

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