n21guy’s Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-01-28

Jim D. kicking off a North American Weekend Seminar with a very cool Diamond meeting… More to come! #fb http://twitpic.com/z8o2v # I'll be trying cool video broadcast experiments… Short Live video from California WES today. I'll tweet the address when we go live. #fb # Ok looks like I'll stream video from David Dornan today at around 7 pm GMT (London), 2 pm EST (New York) I'll notify exact time soon #fb # 5-10 min live video stream from USA WES w/ David Dornan starts in 2 min. at http://www.n21guy.com/livevideo check it out and let me know #fb #

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Jim & Nancy Dornan 50 FAA Points Recognition Video

Check out this new Recognition video put together by Amway for Jim & Nancy Dornan’s 50 FAA ponits achievement. Right on J&N… what a great example and inspiration!

n21guy’s Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-01-21

Lunch with Jim Dornan this Tuesday … what should I ask him and what do you want me to tell him? #fb # Nice work down under RT @N21AU: http://twitpic.com/yb87v -Sydney BDS: Need a bigger stage -New PaceSetters for Jan 2010. Congratulations #fb # New iReport from down under… check it out mate: http://n21guy.com/ #fb # New post on an excellent article about Amway with reference to Jim Dornan on CBS Money Watch website – here's my post http://bit.ly/6YQNyj # This week's #WednesdayGiveAway for a C21 subscription…. according to n21guy what country has the best Pizza in the world?

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New Article on CBS Money Watch Site – Why You Should Join Amway

Check out this great article by Robert Pagliarini who writes for CBS Money Watch. Robert is no slouch either as he is a Certified Financial Planner™ has a master’s degree in financial services and is the president a wealth management firm recently ranked one of the top in the United States.

While nothing too shocking about what Robert proclaims in his article, many of us will certainly be nodding our heads in agreement as we read it… and it always nice to see some positive press about Network TwentyOne’s founder Jim Dornan from an impartial person with insight and credibility.

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iReport from Sydney Australia BDS January 16th 2010

Here is an iReport from Ian Abbott, Operations Manager for Network TwentyOne Australia/New Zealand. Thanks “mate” and remember folks you are just a few mouse clicks away from being famous and submitting your own iReport. Simply click here to begin…

“Darling Harbour was again host to the Sydney BDS. This month, MC’ed by Joe and Cveta Andary, we were treated to the gaceful and charming Mia Bala, who has the skill to break the most complex of subjects down to simple and do-able steps. Shanker Bala drove the message home. He took Mia’s guiding message, and then reminded us that

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n21guy’s Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-01-15

Check out this week's C-21 Weekly peeps … http://bit.ly/8ZAxEa #fb # Wondering about the shocking amount of Russian Spam being caught by Akismet on my website… #fb # Gearing up for this week's #WednesdayGiveAway for a Channel-21 membership … ya'll ready to roll? Rules @ http://tinyurl.com/y8phht5 #fb # OK, #WednesdayGiveAway – What is Jim & Nancy Dornan's newly acquired transportation and how many does it seat. . . be specific #fb # Props 2 Karen D. – Brisbane, Australia who won a Channel-21 subscription by answering the #WednesdayGiveAway answer "Hawker 800 seat 8" #fb # Testing a new feature

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This Week’s C-21 Weekly On Channel-21

Building Leaders by Pat MacDonald

Hear from North American Diamond Pat MacDonald as he describes what it takes to build leaders and why it is vitally important for the success of your business.

Not yet a Channel-21 subscriber … visit Channel-21.com now and subscribe* for less then $0.30 per day!

n21guy’s Weekly Twitter Digest for 2010-01-09

Happy 2010 to my peeps …. we'll be firing up the full monty of n21guy fun and frolic this month … n21casts, #WednesdayGiveAways etc #fb # This week's #WednesdayGiveAway coming up… 2 Seminar tickets up for grabs. Ready??? Contest rules at http://n21guy.com/wednesday-what/ #fb # This week's #WednesdayGiveAway -Best New Year's Resolution and best Business Goal for 2010 each win a Weekend Seminar Ticket-let'em fly! #fb # 1st post of 2010… Looking back on 2009… Go to http://www.n21guy.com and give me your 09 highlights! # new poll on my site (left column) – "In 2010 I plan to…" cast your

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Looking Back On 2009

Inevitability as we head into a new year we are drawn to reflect on the year just passed. Often this reflection takes the form of soul searching for areas of failure or short comings which gives birth to a series of resolutions for the new year. But seeing as I’m an upbeat guy committed to spreading “N21 Sunshine” … I’ll just touch on some of the major highlights of the year… feel free to share yours as well!


2009 was a landmark year if for nothing else … it was the year I was “born”. It has

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