This Week’s C-21 Weekly Presentation


Set a Goal and Fight for It by South African Diamond Sean Henderson.

“You’re going to get tested – but it’s what you do after you’re tested that counts.  If you have a goal, fight for it and it will make all the difference.”

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3 comments to This Week’s C-21 Weekly Presentation

  • Mats Holmberg

    What an insraering Story, this is what it takes to be a Diamond, one of the better CD that I have heard in a long time, fiting spirit, Never gibe up Atitude, do what it takes, Just make a decition to be a Winner, and Sean & Mareada you deffenatly are showing the way.
    Thansk for been sutch an example !!


    Mats Holmberg
    Diamond in Sweden

  • svenlutte

    If Mats likes this with his story, then almost everybody likes (and needs) it.
    Thanks N21Guy for letting us listen to all those stories that inspire us to go for us big goals.

    As I Twitter’d today:
    “Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” – George Washington Carver (botanist)

    Se you Mats in Stockholm, Kista Dec 6 on our next BBS with double Diamond Jackie Lowe.

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