This Week’s C-21 Presentation

Get Over Yourself by North American Crown Ambassador Beverly Sallee.

In this classic, Beverly reminds us… “Get over yourself, because it’s not about you!”

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1 comment to This Week’s C-21 Presentation

  • Vishal Jaiswal

    Well, First of all, i’ll say, as per my upline says, she is DADI MAA(in india “DADI MAA” means Grandmother)…she cares so much..she loves so much..she is humble..she is…blah blah blah….and as we know that right now she got the AMWAY HERO AWARD…so i can say she is FIRE…we love you Ma’am…we respect you frm the bottom of our heart..pls pls pls pls come to india to meet your grand children…definately wants to meet you soon..with the qualificaton you Ma’am…pls take care..will meet bye..!!

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