Network TwentyOne Founders’ Charitable Work Continues…


OK, so this is very cool and worth sharing. As you may know, the founders of Network TwentyOne, Jim & Nancy Dornan, have been committed to “giving back” and helping others for many years. In fact, one could say that what motivates them most is to find ways to give back. In the coming months we’ll get a chance to see more of this and give an opportunity for Network TwentyOne affiliated business owners around the world to share in and even be a part of the many global outreaches that the Dornan’s support.

One passion of the Dornan’s has been sponsoring Power Wheel Chair Soccer and helpinSoccer6_TNg to bring the entire sport into a national and international level of play. Through the commitment of time, people and resources, Jim & Nancy have been fueling the surge in growth of Power Soccer throughout North America.  Check out this latest press release about the recent win of Altanta Synergy (the team of the Dornan’s son Eric pictured right) in this year’s America’s Champions Cup which took place in Atlanta, GA last month.

“The Atlanta Synergy Power Soccer Team dominated arch-rival, the Circle City Rollers 4-0 to win the Americas Champions Cup.

Before Oct.24th, 2009 Synergy had not beaten CCR, with the most recent loss being a 5-4 nailbiter Soccer8_TNon penalty kicks in June of ’09.  In each tournament in the past both Synergy and Circle City put up powerful performances before meeting in the final match, always with a Roller victory.  But this time, sharp passing, timely shots, and a stifling defense overwhelmed the team from Indianapolis, giving Synergy the champion’s trophy.  In the two days and 6 matches of the tournament, Synergy outscored their opponents 33-0, with every player making a significant contribution to the championship.”

I don’t know about you, but this is another reason I just love the association with Network TwentyOne… being affiliated with people who are working for success is refreshing… but being affiliated with people who are working for significance is rewarding. Well done Jim, Nancy and the entire Network TwentyOne Global Team and congratulations Atlanta Synergy on your win!!!

Check out this great video below that shows the top ten points from last month’s tournament … inspiring stuff indeed!!!

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