What’s Up with Network TwentyOne & n21guy

Ok, finally after months of speculation … I am “coming out” for all to see. No more guessing, its time I stand up and be counted as the unofficial ambassador of all things “tech & cool” in Network TwentyOne.

Check out the video below to see some of the new “tech stuff” and to see my cameo appearance to the global Network TwentyOne family.

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  • PowerSoccerFan

    N21 Guy, you’re cool!

    I’m wondering, though… why do you keep so many pens in your pocket?

  • Gabor Kopena

    You looked like a pro on camera!! 🙂
    Does this app work on other smartphones as well? We are not bathed in Apple stuff here.

    Big, big greetings from Hungary!

    • Gabor of Budapest … thanks for the props brother.

      No-Go-Digg-Da on a SmartPhone app for now but out of guilt and concern for my iPhone-less brethern I have put up a mobile enabled version of my videos at m.youtube.com/n21guy

      Here is a shortcut to the We’re Not Guessing video on youtube in mobile format.

  • Jay J Popat

    N21Guy, That’s a brilliant video. It must have been a lot of brains and work to create such a beautiful video. You still managed to stay under cover despite all the efforts to expose you. You are the ambassador of N21 of this new tech age. Well, if you are going to run a contest using this question : How many pens are there in your left pocket of your n21guy coat then the ANSWER : Four. So, consider myself as the winner already. Now, we know there will be another video since you do it so well. Thank you once again for letting us have the cool and up to date information of N21 across the globe.

    Cheers to you.

  • Ujjwal

    wowww!!! it was cool “seeing” you…after listening to your voice for so long 🙂 I have been following all the weekly podcasts…thanks for keeping us up-to-date and bringing Nancy Dornan on your weekly cast…:) wouldn’t it be cool, if we could see the video’s of these, when you are not doing them over audio from your subterranean bunker of course :)…i mean who won’t die for getting a glimpse of Nancy talking to us from her deck?? :)))))))))))…


  • Dale Cirillo

    Hey N21 guy,
    I noticed that you have a mechanical pencil in there with I think 3 other pens…but you are getting really tricky, so I can’t say that I know if I’m right. Your updates are very helpful!
    Keep up the good work! We’re watching in VA, USA!

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